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Rocks of Ages, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Last glimps of the River

In Jan. 2009 Tall & Handsome presented me with the wonderful opportunity to strike off one of the items on my bucket list…and, that was to see the Grand Canyon. It was one of the most romantic, memorable and special times of my life.

The Grand Canyon itself was spectacular. Seeing it for the first time was almost like a spiritual experience. It is one of the most awesome sights I have ever seen. Every spot seems to have its own personality with it own colors and sunlight and shadows. To use one word to describe it? Exhilarating…

This is one of my favorite pictures and one of the last I took of the Canyon. If you look hard enough you can see the Colorado River at the bottom of the Canyon. It’s in the center of the picture…that slight ribbon of blue water meandering through the arid, mighty cliffs, turns and rocks that tell the ages of the Grand Canyon…

© 2011 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved


2 thoughts on “Rocks of Ages, by Beverly Hicks Burch”

  1. When I was 8 years old I rode a donkey to the bottom of the canyon, and stayed in a camp with my dad for 4 days. We rode the white water on a raft, and rode horses, and went fishing for trout. I saw my first Indian ruins and Petroglyphs–I was instantly hooked. I was in my glory–I got my dad all to myself for 4 days, and I enjoyed every moment. That was in 1953–such a very long time ago. However, I remember it like it was yesterday! You have described it to a tee Beverly!

    When Tom and I got married, one summer, we went back there because he had never been west, and had never seen the Grand Canyon. He had the same experience. It’s almost spiritual to see that place in person. I suggest that if anyone who reads this has not seen it, you have to put it on your Bucket List too. It’s worth the drive, and the time, especially if you spend it with someone who means the world to you.

    Always Awed by God’s Mighty Wonders! Love, Mary
    Phil. 4:13

    1. Mary,

      Reggie and I both had the same reaction when we first saw the Canyon. We were speechless, felt reverent and I almost wanted to cry.

      The donkey rides aren’t available in Jan. 🙂 but, we did pass but the stables where the donkeys reside. I remember thinking what a neat idea!

      We were amazed to hear that even though it was cold and snow on the ground up on the rim where we were, down on the bottom of the Canyon, even in Jan. it could still be quite warm!
      I remember looking at the Canyon and thinking, “how can you not believe in the Someone greater than us able to master this wonderful creation?” Who says you can’t see God in Nature?!

      Glad you enjoyed the picture and it brought back fond memories:)


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