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Home for the Holidays: Some of My Favorite Things, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Today’s post will continue the Home for the Holidays spirit I started the other day. I shared the over all effect in the first post and then in another post shared some of the holiday quilts I’ve made over the years and use just for this time of the year.

Every time I pull out my decorations it’s like seeing old friends again. This year it was more so because some of my decorations have been packed up unused for years. As I pulled out each new found old friend I would go, “Ohhhh, hello old friend!!”

At one point Tall & Handsome asked, “Did I hear you say what I thought you said?”

I asked, “Well, what did you think I said?”

“Hello old friend.”

“Yep, you heard right then.”

He just chuckled…

Today I thought I’d share some of my favorite things…decorations and ornaments and such. In 1974 I started collecting a dated ornament for each year. I’ve also collected Christmas ornaments from places I’ve traveled to…Christmas ornaments and fabric are my favorite souvenirs. I figure they beat ceramic ashtrays and shot glasses any day!

I have the satin ballerina slippers from the Biltmore Estate, the teddy bear from Hershey, PA; and the bell tree from Faneuil Square in Boston.

Then of course there are my old friends from Hallmark. Each year marks a milestone in my life. The year my son was born, the year I moved one place or another, the year T & H and I married and so on… I guess you could say in a way my favorite things form a type of diary of my life.

So, just before Santa arrives…here are a few of my favorite things…

Some of my favorite things H

This marks the beginning of The Twelve Days of Christmas…A Partridge in a Pear Tree


Here Comes Santa B

From the Hallmark Here Comes Santa series – this is the first or second in the series which started in 1979


Here Comes Santa A

Third in the Hallmark Here Comes Santa Series


Here Comes Santa C

A baking Nutcracker and another in the Here Comes Santa series…this time a stagecoach


Here Comes Santa E

This is one of my favorite of the Here Comes Santa series…the Ice Cream Vendor


Here Comes Santa G

Another Here Comes Santa favorite – Santa and the handcar


Here Comes Santa F

This was the last in the Here Comes Santa series


Some of my favorite things A

A hot air balloon to remind T & H of New Mexico, a Southern Colonial that’s part of Hallmark’s Nostalgic Building series and one of the satin ballet slippers from the Biltmore Estate


Some of my favorite things B

Father Christmas (series) and a Schnauzer in a Stocking


Some of my favorite things E

A Woodpecker from the the Hallmark bird series and a blown glass lighthouse


Some of my favorite things K

My lovely Blue Jay


some of my favorite things O

On the left, the Bell Tree from Boston…and one of my Hallmark lighthouse ornaments


Some of my favorite things N

Of course no tree of mine would be complete without a snowman…or two…three

Some of my favorite things G

Father Christmas


Some of my favorite things I

God Bless America


my christmas bell B

This little bell has been on every tree of mine since I was a toddler.


the ONLY dishes allowed at Christmas

The daily dishes from Thanksgiving until my birthday…a yearly tradition


Guest bath

Snowmen just turn up everywhere Smile


the gift bearer

The gift bearer – the year Tall & Handsome moved to Alabama he placed this Godiva bear under my Christmas tree. In the bear’s back pouch was an engagement gift…a beautiful garnet and diamond pendant he had purchased in Santa Fe.


and just for fun…


tall and handsome when he was short and cute

Tall & Handsome when he was Short & Cute while living in Germany…


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! And God Bless us all…


© 2011 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved




2 thoughts on “Home for the Holidays: Some of My Favorite Things, by Beverly Hicks Burch”

    1. Thanks, Tammy. Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I’m kind of sad to see it pass every year…but, I know it’s always around the corner and my old friends are waiting for me to help make the house sparkle a little. I’m happy to share them and glad you enjoyed them.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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