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Christmas with the Family 2011, by Beverly Hicks Burch

There is no way another Christmas has come and gone…but it has!

Even though I was feeling a little peaked I threw on a few clothes (no, I didn’t say I threw up on a few clothes, but given the state of my stomach on Christmas Day, that certainly could have been an option), added just a touch of makeup (and boy, do the pictures reflect that! In one picture I look like Marty Feldman; that picture is for private use only, like in the bottom of the trash can) and rallied for the cause. I had to see my little sweet pea, Abbi! A bright spot of my holiday she was!

One thing I noticed in the pictures…I am still very prone to sitting cross-legged Indian style…even with fibro, OE, connective tissue disorders and the other little “nifty” issues like I deal with.

Few years ago my doctor diagnosed me with Joint Hypermobility Syndrome  after he saw how flexible I still can be even though I have such terrible and chronic joint pain.

What this means is the collagen is breaking down in my joints. It causes a whole array of symptoms (including migraines) and pain. My doctor looked at T & H and said, “ Women who have this are usually like race horses and Porsches. They were/are really good looking when they’re young, very flexible, but as they get older the disorder causes them many health problems and high maintenance. I’d never been compared to a race horse or a high end car before…I guess that’s guy speak for “you got yourself a thorough breed”…

Anyway, the end result is, I can still sit Indian style. In some of the pictures I look like a Marty Feldman on stumps…all squash up into one place…it is an optical illusion people! There are legs still attached to my body! I promise!

Anyway, here’s just a glimpse of Christmas 2011 with the family…

Mom's tree

Momma and Daddy’s tree


One of Mom's nativities

The Nativity


Mom's Christmas table

Mom’s Christmas Table’


Santa and Spode

Santa & Spode


I love my cheeseball server

I love my little cheese ball server – a snowman of course!


Grillmiester Reggie

Grillmeister Tall & Handsome – that’s a grilled turkey leg he’s holding


hello my name is cute to the bone

Hello, my name is adorable to the bone!


let's get this party started

Let’s get this party started…


for my sugarplum

For my sweet little sugarplum


Unpacking doll house furniture

Unpacking doll house furniture with Aunt Bev


Aunt Bev how much is this look worth to you

Aunt Bev, how much do you think this look is worth? If cutting out my heart and auctioning it on eBay, Amazon or counts…then it’s SOLD!


Miss Abbi store clerk

Abbi practicing her retail sales skills. Can you tell she’s the center the family revolves around? (And, yes, I do have legs!!)


Oh and have I mentioned how much I adore and love my niece?


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2 thoughts on “Christmas with the Family 2011, by Beverly Hicks Burch”

    1. LOL, Mary…funny thing is his wife has it also and she’s a doctor, too! I told Reggie I looked like a Weeble sitting crossed legged like that…like I could just wobble around where ever I wanted to go…it just squishes everything into one place 😦

      It still amazes me that I can do that though because my joints are so bad now. It’s and interesting syndrome…almost a paradox…

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