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Autoimmune Disease Overlap Syndromes | Suite101.com

Autoimmune Disease Overlap Syndromes | Suite101.com.

This is a great article to read for all of you who are dealing with autoimmune disorders. I have known for years these diseases/disorders “cluster” or overlap. My body is a prime example of that. If I were to enumerate my laundry list of chronic and disabling health issues, many of you would think I was “joshing” as the old time says.

But, it’s true! Not only do I have overlap within my body, but there is overlap and clustering in my family (on my mother’s side). My very special aunt and I seem to shadow each other.

So, for all of you dealing with these issues, take time to read this article. It might help you to know that (1) you’re not alone in this; and (2) you’re not crazy…yes, your body is doing exactly what you think it is!

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