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Take this, Punxsutawney!, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Well, ole Punxsutawney Phil has promised six more weeks of winter. Now, I don’t know about you folk up North, but down here in the South, we’ve had an extremely mild winter especially when you compare it to last year’s winter when we actually had a white Christmas. (Hence the devastating storms last week due to this year’s freaky weather.)

I do think things may be about to change. Evidently our friends up in the really frozen North – Alaska – have been sitting through some pretty cold stuff…like –50 F. They were hoping it warms up to about –10 or –15F. That must be downright balmy after 50 below! Now, you know that stuff has to go somewhere, and when it does, it usually moves to the lower 48…

uOh, joy…

So, to prepare for what may come and to give us a bright spot to look forward to, I give you today’s picture of the day…

Hang in there!

More Signs of Spring 2

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