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Backyard Trillium, by Beverly Hicks Burch

backyard trillium

Spring ushered in very early this morning, so it’s official! Spring has sprung!

Now, that doesn’t mean we can’t have anymore cold weather. Nineteen years ago, right before spring ushered in we had the infamous Blizzard of `93. Yes, it was an honest to goodness blizzard in the Deep South. I had 24” of snow in my backyard. There were people without power for weeks.

We’ve also had snow as late as April. One year I had an apple tree in bloom when a surprise snow storm blew in and dumped a few inches on an unsuspecting population. The snow on the blossom laden apple tree was too much and it uprooted the tree.

It’s not cold like that now. As a matter of fact it’s been warm…very warm…warmer than it should be. It was 86 yesterday. That’s a little disconcerting because overly warm weather in the spring can result in bad storms later on.

March, April and early May is considered our top severe weather season. Last April 27 is a sobering example of what can happen this time of the year, but as Jan. 23 of this year pointed out, tornadoes and severe weather is not limited to this season only. In Jan. the place of my childhood was in essence wiped off the map.

But, looking forward and to celebrate spring, I thought I’d shared today’s picture of the day. I love for spring to roll around because I know it will bring the trilliums to my backyard. That is one of the bonuses of living on a mountain top. I’m not totally sure, but I think this might be a trillium reliquum which is found only in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina and is considered an endangered species. I plan on taking care of these babies as long as I can…which means leaving them alone and just letting them grow wild…

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