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Pixie Dust, by Beverly Hicks Burch

There is a little girl who is the joy of my life. Her name is Abbi and she is my adorable niece. I prayed a long time to be an aunt and now that I am, I am gobsmacked as the Brits would say. It must be Pixie dust.  When Abbi says Aunt Bev I start to melt and when she calls Tall & Handsome Aunt Reg (Uncle is still a very hard word to say don’t you know)…well, there’s absolutely nothing left of me. Smile (And, he is a very good sport for so many reasons. Number one, he raised a little girl and has a soft spot for little girls, number two his grandkids lovingly call him Angrad and number three my mentally disabled sister has called him Uncle Bill on occasion…where that one came from we’re all still trying to sort out.)

My little sugarplum had a birthday earlier this month. She has discovered Tinkerbell and fairies. So what’s a good aunt to do but indulge, of course?! So, Timkerbell she is with wings and pixie dust and everything…

All I can say is, “Oh what wonderful, adorable, sweet, innocent fun!” We should all be so lucky!!

getting ready for take off

Suiting up for Tinkerbell duty


magic slippers

Magic Slippers


pixie performance

Pixie Performance



Graceful Tiptoes


total delight

Pure Delight

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2 thoughts on “Pixie Dust, by Beverly Hicks Burch”

  1. She is adorable. Nothing like being a Aunt. I hear Grandma is pretty close, but until that happens, I love being a Nah Nah & Aunt Tonn, wouldnt traid for a million dollars. Enjoy

    1. Thanks, Tonya! I agree, she is precious! And, she is the light of my life. I never knew being an aunt could be like this. I had 2 very special, loving aunts. One is still with me. I know now how they have felt all these years and appreciate the love they have given me.

      As far as Abbi, that little girl is Heaven sent to this family:)

      Thanks for stopping by…always good to hear from friends 🙂

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