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NBC Executive: “People Who Watched ‘Harry’s Law’ Should Die” • Hollywood Leek

NBC Executive: “People Who Watched ‘Harry’s Law’ Should Die” • Hollywood Leek.

Yes, Tall & Handsome and I watch Harry’s Law. It is in our opinion about the only thing on the network that isn’t mind numbing drivel.

Most reality shows are like fingernails on chalkboards and comedies aren’t much better. The only new comedy we’ve found half way appealing has been New Girl (oh, yeah and Raising Hope) and those are on Fox.

Well, imagine our exasperation (for 20something stupid NBC execs, that means extreme irritation) when we found out not only has NBC cancelled their highest rated scripted show, but they have also insulted a large segment of their demographics in doing so.

Now they must have a super lot of confidence in 23 year old exec Bree Summers to allow her to vomit ungoverned and uncensored as to why Harry’s Law was cancelled.

You see…it was because the people who watched Harry’s Law were too old and as a result should quietly put to death.

To quote Ms Summers: “Okay, first of all, fifty is gross,” Summers was quoted as saying. “They sit at home all day doing nothing but watching Harry’s Law. They don’t spend money on anything but hard-tack candy or gravestones or whatevs, and advertisers hate that! Plus, most of them smell like sauerkraut. It’s like, die already.”

Bet her parents are real proud of her, especially if they are 50 something…

The link above is to the very interesting article about the cancellation of Harry’s Law and just what NBC thinks of a certain segment of its viewers.

The ironic thing? That 50+ segment just happens to be the largest demographic on the planet at this time…they’re called the baby boomers…and they also control the largest purses.

I would suggest closing all purses on NBC and their sponsors…at least until they bring back Harry’s Law and apologize to those 50+ “old” people.


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2 thoughts on “NBC Executive: “People Who Watched ‘Harry’s Law’ Should Die” • Hollywood Leek”

  1. Sounds like someone should sit down and look at NBC. As far back as i can remember we have built things around the BABY BOOMERS”? WOW this has left ME speechless

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