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Angry Birds, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Angry Birds

A couple of weeks ago I walked out onto my nice big front porch, looked around and thought, “Good grief, who or what has turned my porch into a poop deck?!”

There was bird poopy on handrails and in a certain corner of the floor. I happened to gaze upward and immediately got an answer to my question.

There up next to the ceiling of the porch, perched on a ledge was a perfect little nest. Hello, nest…hello, poop…

I was sooo tempted to tear it down, but the mushy bits in me just couldn’t allow myself to do that. I knew why the nest was there. Dollars to donuts there was probably a family of baby birds on the way. And, had I tried to tear that nest down, the uber-animal-mushy bits in Tall & Handsome would have gone all “Born Free” on me had I dared attempted that home wrecking  maneuver.

Thursday night I stepped out on the porch and happened to noticed what I thought were tiny little heads perched just over the rim of the nest. I called T & H out (he’s got several inches on me) and asked if he could tell if there were babies in the nest.

He took one look and said, “Yep, there babies there.”

I also happened to notice that Momma Bird and Daddy Bird were both hanging around on a ledged near by. T & H and I didn’t know what kind of birds they were at first, but by the end of the day, I had identified them as barn swallows.


Barn Swallows

I went in and got my camera and attempted to take some pictures of the new little family. While doing so I noticed the funniest thing. Every time the flash went off the whole little crew went crazy. There was all kinds of “cheeping”, and “tweeting” and complaining going on after the flash popped. It seemed like the flash never rebounded fast enough to catch the little complaining rascals with their necks stretched out and mouths opened in protest…until today.

Today, like last night, they were still angry (baby) birds any and every time their little space was disturbed by that mean old flashing thing…

…I just kept expecting to turn around and see Piglet on the porch behind me…


Next up…baby birds flying…hopefully sans slingshots…

© 2012 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


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