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A What?! Yes, a Balloon Plant, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Balloon Flower

Blue is one of my favorite colors and it just so happens to also be one of T & H’s favorite colors, too. We’re simpatico like that Smile.

It’s not always easy finding a blue flower for the garden and try finding a blue flower that just might draw hummingbirds or butterflies. Well, several years ago I happened upon a little perennial that seemed to cover all those bases. It is called a Balloon Plant.

I know you’re asking how can this lovely blue blossom that’s shaped more like a five point star be called a Balloon Plant. Well, simple…

Balloon plant and how it gets its name

You see before the bloom opens up the bud looks like a little hot air balloon!

This little plant is hardy and survives quite well with little attention. Case in point…I have several that survived the reign of terror of James the Terrible, tenant horriblus that occupied our home for six years while we were out of state. The pictures above were taken of such hardy little survivors!

Another plus to this wonderful little flower is a long blooming season from early summer to late summer and a prolific reseeding ability. I’ve already started spreading the love in places in the backyard.

Wonder how many of these I need in the yard to float the whole thing away on a wonderful Cloud Nine…?

© 2012 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


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