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Keepers of the Garden, by Beverly Hicks Burch

First, let me begin this by saying, “I am NOT a hoarder!”

But, I do have little eclectic collections of things I like to gather. Lately it’s been items to add whimsy and fun to the garden, decks and outdoors.

The first one is dedicated to someone I call my littlest angel. This young man (Tyler Clark) use to come with his Momma to my house when we had big quilting get togethers. The group surprised me with an angel quilt one Christmas (angels are another collectible of mine) and Tyler’s momma had made a block for him and incorporated it into the quilt.

Tyler just graduated from high school and is bound for the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa this fall. RTR!! (For all you non-Alabama folk, that’s Roll Tide Roll!!) So, Tyler will understand the significance of this garden keeper Smile I’m proud of you Tyler!!

Keeper of the Impatients

Keeper of the Impatients


As for the selection of my next keeper, it’s quite obvious, a Miniature Schnauzer to represent our wonderful little boy and resident rascal, Watson the Wonderkin.

Keeper of the Tomatoes

Keeper of the Tomatoes

I certainly prefer these guys to scarecrows any day! And, hand to God…all the other tomatoes not being minded by this little fellow have been nibbled on by some interloper! My yard may soon look like that ancient Chinese tomb they dug up a few years ago that was full of clay Chinese warriors.


If it worked for them, it’s gotta work for me…


© 2012 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


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