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Bird in a Bush, by Beverly Hicks Burch

bird in a bush D

It appears it’s been a fruitful spring around here this year.

We had a nest of barn swallows in the corner of the front porch. It amazed me how fast they were grown and out of the nest and flying. Just two weeks ago they were tiny little “angry birds” complaining every time my flash interrupted their space. Now they are flying gracefully around the house making me wish I wasn’t earth bound and could join them in the wild blue yonder.

About the same time I noticed them I happened to notice another little feathered friend. It was quite a chance meeting. I had been investigating a Nandina shrub in front of the house. Nestled deep in the branches was an empty nest.

Well, I thought, this little fellow has already flown the coop…

As I sat in the rocker on the front porch and talked to T & H as he was doing some weeding I happened to look up at just the right time. There was another baby bird on the second from the top step on the porch.

He saw me see him…and I saw him see me…you, know…one of those situations.

I froze and he did, too…kind of turning his head like, “oh, crap, oh crap, oh crap…I hope this big person who isn’t suppose to be here will not see me if I look away…”

Momma bird was at the bottom of the porch going crazy. I know she wanted to peck the eyeballs out of my human head. I believe she was a thrush…

I stayed as still as I could and then very gingerly excused myself into the house for a couple of minutes.

Miraculously when I came back out Baby Bird was gone…I just didn’t know where. So, I set back into the rocking chair with my Nook and was actually looking up bird identification and bird songs/call. All of a sudden I heard a ruckus as we call it down here in the South, and it was coming from the Nandina.

I walked over to the hand rail of the porch and look straight down and had the surprise of my life…Baby Bird was occupying the formally unoccupied nest. And I had a bird’s eye view. I got some wonderful once in a lifetime shots.

Thanks, Baby Bird…

© 2012 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved


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