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Where the Elite Eat in Their Bare Feet…and Watch Those Toes!, by Beverly Hicks Burch

reggie the new swamp person

Recently when we were in the Savannah, GA/Hilton Head, SC area there was an eating experience I wanted to share with Tall & Handsome.

A few years back when I had been in Savannah I had ventured out to Tybee Island on recommendation to The Crab Shack. The Crab Shack’s slogan is “where the elite eat in their bare feet”. I did say it was an experience. Most seating is outdoors and there is water-side seating and view.

Since this is in the Deep South you would expect it to be intolerably humid and uncomfortable, but the folks have rigged up a cooling system involving misting water and fans. (Kinda makes you feel like a rutabaga in the produce section…just joking!) I was told by T & H this cooling system is very similar to the outdoor cooling used in the high desert of New Mexico. The end result is you stay remarkably cool and pleasant.

The tables are equipped with everything you need to eat a good seafood dinner, including a hole in the center of the table you can toss your shrimp and crab shells and the copious amount of napkins you’ll need enjoying the boiled shrimp, Low Country boil, crab and other seafood served up at The Crab Shack.

Talking T & H into going to The Crab Shack wasn’t too hard. The optimal word was CRAB. That one word is a Pavlovian trigger for T & H, so when I said crab, well, that’s all he needed to know.

Another unique feature at The Crab Shack is the alligator pond. Yes, honest to goodness, living breathing alligators. Not quite sure how it came about, but these are gators are not born in the wild…and it’s about as close as I personally want to get to one…

The big one T & H is leaning up against is there to view on your way in…and out of The Crab Shack. I call that look on T & H’s face “bringing home the bacon crab” look…

T & H thoroughly enjoyed his meal and the experience. It was like he was at Disney World. He looked at me, face beaming and said, “Thank you, honey. This is my kind of place.”

Of course, he was high on crab…

reggie at the crab shack

© 2012 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


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