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Summer in the South and a Big Ol’ Shady Porch, by Beverly Hicks Burch

summertime porch

Does anything say summer in the South like a big ol’ shady front porch? Add to that a bright sunny day and red, white and blue and you’ve just got an all American day.

We were glad to be able to finally recapture this half of the porch back. The barn swallows finally hatched (all five of them) and left the nest. Tall & Handsome took the nest down Saturday and washed the porch down.

You’d be amazed at how much poop baby birds can manufacture! The little rascals will have to find a new place to nest next year, but they seem very partial to our front porch. They keep flying into the porch, up to the corner to where the nest once was and it’s like “Oh, wow, it’s gone!” They hover a moment then perch on a ledge up next to the ceiling. If they had a face their expression would be stunned. I know they’re trying to figure out this new situation. Hopefully by next breeding season we’ll finally have our feeding stations set up in the back and they’ll find a more appropriate place to nest.

For now, we’ll just sit and rock out on the front porch and watch as the swallows settle their dilemma…it’s kind of like watching 45 year old kids who are still living at home and we’re ready for an empty nest…

We anticipate rocking and watching the leaves change when autumn rolls around…have I mentioned I love where I live?

© 2012 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved



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