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Ancient Bodies on Driftwood Beach, by Beverly Hicks Burch

A few days ago, I changed the header on my blog and started using a potion of a  picture I took at Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island (GA). (I had been using a picture I took in East Tennessee.) I’ve also changed the format of my blog just a tad to give it some freshness and crispness. Hope everyone is enjoying it!

Today I thought I’d share the entire picture the header was taken from. A couple of years ago, if memory serves me it was on Sept. 11, 2010 Tall & Handsome and I were in the Brunswick/St. Simon Island/Jekyll Island, GA area. That day (9/11) is always a sad one to mark so we decided to go somewhere new to take our mind of off the pain of the past.

Jekyll Island is considered one of the Golden Isles off the Atlantic coast of Georgia. It’s a barrier island with a varied wildlife and a history that goes back to US Colonial days. You can tour a historic district, old cemeteries and plantation ruins on the islands.

Driftwood Beach is one of the most notable features. The “driftwood” on the beach is actually the remains of ancients Southern Oak Trees that have fallen to time, wind and erosion. Their bodies create an amazing gnarled maze on the beach of trunk, branches and limbs for a beachcomber to weave in and out of while enjoying the wind, sun and sound of the surf. It’s not uncommon to find little crab skittering across the sand.

It can be a magical place and it was a place that gave T & H and me a moment in time…

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