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Marina at Harbour Town, SC, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Harbour Town Marina

I love this view from atop Harbour Town Lighthouse on Hilton Head Island (SC).  This is the marina in Harbour Town, SC.

It was a beautiful warm day and although it may look still and peaceful it was anything but that…if you look at the surface of the water you can see just a subtle ripple on the water implicating the wind that was aloft.  The wind at the top was very breezy. And just so you’ll know how breezy, I’ll share a picture my Tall & Handsome took of me standing on top of the lighthouse. He loves the picture and calls it my sexy windblown look…I call it the Medusa look…

Bev on the lighthouse

Later, at the bottom of the lighthouse there were wonderful rocking chair sitting around under a shaded veranda that looked out over the marina. Next door was a restaurant/café with outdoor seating and entertainment. That afternoon the entertainment was a guitarist/singer who was taking requests. As T & H and I were sitting there enjoying the view, shade and resting from the trip up the lighthouse the musician suddenly struck “Sweet Home Alabama…”

It was a good day…

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