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Did Someone Say Godiva?, by Beverly Hicks Burch

did someone say godiva

Before anyone says anything we do not make a habit of this and do not give him what I’m about to tell you on a regular basis…

…with that said, our dog, Watson thinks chocolate is crack. He can smell it though cellophane bags and goes nuts. If it comes into the house we go through maneuvers worthy of drug smugglers just to get it past his keen Miniature Schnauzer nose.

I discovered that quite by accident and I must say much to my chagrin. You see some time ago Tall & Handsome was the Senior Account Manager for Godiva Chocolate. I will admit there was an occasion or two when he gifted me with rather wonderful collections of chocolate because of this association. In one such gift I discovered my own personal Turkish delight…and that would be their coconut centered, milk chocolate covered truffle.

Now one day at work a very large box was open and inside was one of these yummy little jewels. T & H snagged it for me and brought it home that evening. Needless to say visions of Godiva sugar plums danced in my head looking forward to after dinner when said truffle was to be my after dinner treat.

I had taken this little treat and placed it on my night stand thinking what a safe place that could be and oblivious to the fact I was living with a closet chocolate thief. Oh, how I was living in such unknown naiveté. After cleaning up the kitchen after supper, T & H and I retired for the evening to the bedroom for some TV where I intended to enjoy my luscious Godiva that was causing mouth watering visions since before supper.

I stepped into the bedroom, walked around the side of the bed and looked at the strangely and glaringly vacant night stand. Yes, vanished! Gone, no where in site, no where to be found was my much anticipated Godiva truffle.

But, laying on the bed, snoozing, content, happy and in chocolate overdose happyland was Watson…

Believe me…no dog was hurt in the Godiva incident …just one very perturbed doggie Momma…

Today’s picture is what I call Watson’s “Did someone say Godiva look?”.

© 2012 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved


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