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When Ignorance Can Be Bliss, by Beverly Hicks Burch

A couple of years ago I spent some time with Tall & Handsome in a condo on St. Simons Island, GA. The space behind the condo was like a little mini jungle…absolutely thick with palmetto palms, vines, pines and undergrowth.

One afternoon I decided to step out back and snap a few pictures. I was intrigued with the fan shape of the palms. I snapped several pictures capturing several views and settings.

When I went back in I realized I was “seeing the forest, but not the trees” so to speak because as I reviewed each picture I came to the picture of the day and I was speechless. Yes, smack dab in the center I saw that little critter in the picture clinging tightly to the palm for dear life.

Now, as the old saying goes, “Innocence is bliss” and in my case that worked to my advantage. Because you see when it comes to reptiles I am a typical girlie girl. Had I see Waldo holding on for dear life there (I’m sure as terrified of me as I would have been of him) I would have run screaming like a little girl. Yes, I admit it. I resemble that description.

But, because I was so blissfully unaware of the smaller picture and was concentrating on the “forest” I was able to catch my camouflaged, terrified little friend.

Yes, behold…ignorance can indeed sometimes be bliss…

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5 thoughts on “When Ignorance Can Be Bliss, by Beverly Hicks Burch”

  1. I had no idea you were such a chicken about lizards! I used to have an aquarium at school with several of those critters in it, and branches from trees, and rocks, and my children loved them. There was a screen on top to easily clean out the bedding I put down. Every now and then some little first grader would attempt to look more closely inside, and one would escape. I finally had to take the tank home because the night janitor refused to clean my room! There were green venetian blinds hanging in back of the table the aquarium sat on, and when the janitor looked up she was eye to eye with a lizard, and she apparenly ran screaming out of my room, and would not go back in. I thought she was the only one who would run screaming like that! They don’t even have teeth Beverly!!! They are more afraid of you, than you are of them, and if you were to reach out and grab them by the tail it would break off in your hand, and a new one would grow in it’s place. They use that as a means of getting away from a larger prey animal. Just like a starfish, they grow a new tail, and starfish will grow new arms. I couldn’t have had a tank like that in a first grade classroom if they could do harm! I had to show them to my principal before they were allowed in my room. That is the least frightening of all reptiles! And, they are always small.

  2. LOL I know Mary!! 🙂 I said he was probably more terrified of me than I should have been of him but I’m just not a reptile person. I was watering my tomatoes one day this week and I saw a small one like the one in the picture above. I contained myself and held my ground because I knew he was good for the garden. I think it was the thought of the idea the day I out behind the condo on St. Simons. It was like…was else could have been out there…that close to me and I didn’t know it? I found out you can’t let small dogs roam around because that’s like offering up “free meal here…come and get it!!”.

    1. Are there gators around there on that island? You better watch your dog! Every time I hear about a gator taking a dog for a snack I think about how it could just as easily be a child. If I had a child in that neck of the woods I would be walking around with a gun in my hand! There might have been snakes lurking around there. That little lizard could be the LEAST of your worries!

  3. Mary,
    Yep, there were gators there and pretty much along the GA coast and FL too of course. And you do have to be careful about small children. The big thing in FL right now are pythons. People have purchased them as exotic pets and bit of more than they could chew and then turned them into the wild. Of course they aren’t native to FL and now they are damaging native wildlife. A 17+ foot Burmese python was captured not too long ago and was found to be carrying about 85 eggs. They even try to swallow gators!

    Here in AL there have been a few gator found as far north as the Birmingham area and even a little further north up around Wheeler Dam. A few years ago had a large gator in his yard. Of course we’re pretty far inland here, but again, people buy them young and as they grow dump them in the wild.
    As far as snakes…in the South, there are snakes a plenty!!

    1. Anyone who wants my share of the snakes and gators can have them! That’s one thing we didn’t have large amounts of in Michigan. Michigan did have a few varieties of snakes, but only 1 that was poisonous–the cotton mouth rattler, and a person would have to go where it likes to live to find it. The rest are harmless. There are spiders in Michigan, and the only really dangerous one is the brown recluse. The rest are not poisonous, so they are harmless too, although they might give a nasty and painful bite.

      It’s too bad those people didn’t let those snakes and gators go in Michigan. They wouldn’t survive the winter! People sure do stupid things, don’t they? Anyone with 1/2 a brain knows not to let a python, gator, or cayman loose where it will thrive, and Florida is certainly a place it will thrive. Goodness, goodness!

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