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Acorns, by Beverly Hicks Burch

We really do have seasons this far South. Especially where I’m located in northeastern/central Alabama. We have rolling mountain tops with names like Pine Mountain, Straight Mountain, Simmons Mountain, Red Mountain (named that because of all the red iron ore buried deep within). Sand Mountain and Lookout Mountain meander down into Alabama from Tennessee.

I once talked to someone from another country who was visiting Alabama and they were quite surprise with what they had witnessed. They had been schooled with the knowledge that Alabama was a hot barren desert!

Well, today’s picture certainly disproves that misinformation.

As you can see this is an oak tree in the process of turning for fall. My extra fascination with this shot was the acorns. Why? Well, glad you asked..

You see, the acorn “crop” can vary from year to year. A few years ago I lived in a house that had a large uncovered deck that had oak limbs draping over the deck providing shade. It really was wonderful because you felt like you were in a tree house.

But, of course these oak trees had acorns! Some years they dropped tiny little acorns that would almost crunch under you feet should you step on them.

Other times? Well, you just about needed a hard hard because the acorns that were dropping were gigantic!! When these puppies hit the deck it was like bombs dropping…and heaven forbid they hit the metal garbage can!!! Cause then we had our own Stomp musical!

I kind feel these large acorns might be a harbinger of winter. I’ve seen a lot of those hairy caterpillars inching their way around here and the old timers swear if you see an abundance of them…get ready for a really bad winter!

For now, I’ll just enjoy fall…


© 2012 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.



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