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Tree Ablaze, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf’s a flower. ~ Albert Camus ~

in fron of the post office

We had to run to the post office the other day and as I sat in the Jeep I happened to notice the wonderful color in the trees surrounding the post office. I don’t know if it’s just me, but am I the only one to get carried away by this time of the year? I so love the colors, the weather, the food, the promise of the upcoming holidays…I just love fall!

Fall tends to arrive a little later here in the South than it does up North. Some years I’ve seen fall color here well into November. This year some of the trees have passed peak and others are just now beginning to come into their autumn glory.

The tree in today’s picture looks like it’s about to burst into flame. It was just stunning to see it and the others lined up in front of the post office. It certainly help start my day off on the right foot…bright and cheerful…


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2 thoughts on “Tree Ablaze, by Beverly Hicks Burch”

  1. I love fall too! This is exactly why I am not fond of Florida. In Michigan the maple trees are either golden, or blazing. My most favorite is the sugar maple (Acer Sucarum) because you see a rush of vibrant color, with thick black bark on the trunk, making the colors even more vibrant. In the spring sugar maples produce sap, and that is where all of us Northerners from the FAR North get our love of maple syrup. Did you know that it takes 40 gallons of sap, boiled down, to make 1 gallon of syrup? Lots of hard work! And, passed down from the Ojibway and Huron Indians–they always cured their venison in maple syrup. Those Natives really knew how to make meat taste good! Even Thanksgiving turkey can be basted in it. I love fall–especially pancake dinners with plenty of maple syrup to go around! I can feel my sugar levels rising as I speak!

    1. Mary,

      My aunt hated living in Florida because she was from Tennessee and she missed the seasons.

      I learned a little about maple syrup when I spent some time in New England. Brilliant fall colors there…and pumpkins with frost on them…almost picture perfect.

      Maple tree do have great color because of the “sugar”. I’ve noticed my sweet gum trees go through a nice transformation. A one point they’re a gorgeous purple. Of course the dogwoods are red. I may do a fall quilt just to use some of the colors 🙂

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