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Perfect Soul Mates, by Beverly Hicks Burch

“How coffee and cold winter mornings are two of the best soul mates who ever did find each other.” ~ Terrie Guillmets ~

the burden of cold

How do 70 degrees December days sound to you? Well, we’ve had a few of them lately, but never fear they are not for these climes for long. Our top notch meteorologist is promising the coldest weather of the season is headed this way and will be pushing into this area by Monday.

Oh, goodie…

No, really, I mean it because you know how I feel about hot weather (I hate it) and warm weather at Christmas is just wrong!

Two years ago we had what has been called a “generational event” for this area. That was a White Christmas in 2010. Can we shoot for two?! I mean the Crimson Tide is going for its third National Championship, so what would be so bad with two White Christmas in the life of kids in the South? It would probably give birth to the next generation of Tennessee Williams, Harper Lees and the next great Southern writer…

This picture was taken of a shrub at the end of the house under the burden of snow and ice during the “Snowpocalypse – Jan. 2011” right after our White Christmas.

It was awesome Winking smile

And, yes, it was then I discovered that cold mornings and hot coffee (or even hot tea) are perfect soul mates…the best in the world…

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