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An Ounce of Mother is Worth a Pound of Clergy

“An ounce of mother is worth a pound of clergy.” ~ Spanish Proverb ~


This is my little Momma. The picture was taken in 1982. This is how I always see her and will always see her.

I have seen her younger and I have seen her older, but there is something about this picture that says – that’s my little Momma.

I’m very fortunate to still have Momma here on this Earth with me.

I have so many memories with Mom (as I also call her). Some are happy, some are sad and some are trying times like when my son was born and placed in NICU or when my ex walked on our marriage.

Momma and Daddy married in 1953. And, of course, I think she picked the best Daddy in the world for her kids. Three daughters were born to them and in turn those girls set about becoming Daddy’s girls. Momma never really minded because she encouraged us to value our Daddy for the type of guy that he is. In other words, she is as crazy about Daddy as we are.

I have been called my father’s child. Yes, I am a lot like my Daddy, but I don’t think Mom realizes my creative drive comes from her. Daddy was a mathematician and an engineer. Mom painted, drew, sewed and loved photography. They both instilled a desire for learning and reading. So, it should have been no surprise I took up creative pursuits.

When I was a young lass in grade school, Momma let me begin my culinary adventures. Only doing fun stuff, but learning the basics. I’m so thankful she saw fit to teach me to cook. To this day I am amazed at women who can’t cook.

Mom sewed cute little dresses for her girls and even now I have a few scraps from those long ago dresses. I’ve turned them into Sun Bonnet Sue quilt Blocks. So, between Mom and my great-grandmother, Becky Shaffer McGee, I was destined to be a quilter.

There are things mothers do for their children over the course of their life. Many go unnoticed – some appreciated years later when the child is grown. I’m here to tell you it’s never too late as long as your Momma is alive to let her know you appreciate and love  her.

In 2001 my ex walked out of our 27 year marriage on our son’s 21st birthday. It was devastating, especially since he said he didn’t want to take care of me because I was sick. (He was a lot more cruel than that, but I won’t delve into detail.) He had already found a wealthy playmate to replace me.

I was in that gut punched stage of shock I mentioned in a previous post. I was wandering around in that netherworld of unawareness, and bone-crushing pain.

One day, my little Momma talked to me and gave me some of that good old Southern Steel Magnolia advise.

“Bev, you are better than to let the likes of him defeat you. You are smart, you are beautiful and you are talented.  You deserved better. It will get better. Don’t let him win.”

So, I set about doing that.

And, then she proceeded to send me hand written cards over the next year or so. I would come home from work and there would be a little card in the mailbox from my little Momma. Each card had a hand written Bible verse of encouragement.

My little Momma was correct. Things did get better – a lot better. I met my Tall & Handsome a few months later and the rest is history.

And, that just goes to show you why “an ounce of mother is worth a pound of clergy”.

© 2017 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.




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