13 thoughts on “About the BamaSteelMagnolia(TM)”

  1. Hey, sugar…

    Great stuff. Ever think of writing some Christian fiction? Why not? The writing I’m sure you would find fulfilling…and there is a good market for it. Sort of a “two birds with one stone” sort of thing .

    Get well and come down, yall.


  2. Hi Bev, thanks for your comments on my blog. It’s good to see you over here in “blogland,” as well as on MySpace….I guess I need to learn how to publish my blog at MySpace, like you do. I always enjoy reading what you have to say. Like your beloved Tall and Handsome, I’m a born and bred “southwesterner” but I have had the pleasure of knowing some real southerners and also visiting the south, and have only good things to say about yall! Maybe it’s because, if you go back about 200 years, I have some Virginia and Kentucky roots…who knows!

  3. 6-19-08
    I, too, took a Chinese cooking class from Thanh Maring back in the ’80’s, and subsequently became famous among friends as “the” Chinese cook. Unfortunately, after all these years, I have lost my recipe for Thanh’s Mongolian Beef. Now, after a move to a small apt., I have lost it, and my knack for just knowing all the ingrediants and instructions. Do you still have Thanh’s recipe? If you do, could you please send it to me? I would so appreciate it.
    Betty Milner

  4. Betty,

    What a great and pleasant surprise to find another student of Thanh’s on the “world wide net”!

    I’ll email you a copy of a recipe I believe to be Thanh’s and I’ll try and post it here also.

    Thanks for stopping by and getting in touch.


  5. Hello Bev,

    Just read your wonderful comment about your “special sister”

    One of my three sons has Down’s syndrome. Stephens mother died when he was 28 and our youngest was just 8.

    Stephen is now 44, our youngest is 24 and despite Stephen’s being slow to learn, he has accomplished much.

    If you have time to look at his videos on Youtube–StephenGreen1965

    I will be most interested in what you have to say, regarding his piano playing and canoing skills.

    Best wishes

  6. Just want to briefly let you know that my ex-wife, but now good friend has Cerebral Palsy. Mild case and mostly affects her legs. I never thought twice about it because I loved her for who she is. Not tooting my horn here by any means

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