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Death is the Key Which Unlocks the Door to Our True Happiness, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Sunrise on Simmon's Mountain 03 11 09

I thank my God for graciously granting me the opportunity of learning that death is the key which unlocks the door to our true happiness.” ~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ~

When we look out our back door we hope to find tranquility, beauty, peace, refuge and a place of escape. Today’s picture is one my little Momma took back in 2009 from her backyard which makes up about 3 acres on a little mountain top in northeastern – central Alabama. Mom took this picture before macular degeneration really began dealing fits with her vision.

Nonetheless, this is her “back door” on one beautiful sunrise. I live “around the corner” from my parents and even though my view is different, I love my back door and front door views. They are a big part of why I moved here. I’ve made no secret this area reminds me of my ancestral home in east Tennessee at the foothills of the Smoky Mountains.

But, as we look beyond our back door, our view expands – our community and reasons for being where we are expand also. Think of it like the ripple effect in a pond.

My back door expands to my local community, then our county, nearest large city, then our state and then of course our Nation. Within those groups we have subgroups like our churches, work groups, school and so on.

I am a confessed “news hound”. I was this close to attending college out of state to major in journalism when I made the decision to marry my ex.

So, I have to admit there have been countless number of times I have sat in front of the TV horrified as I watched terrible almost epic tragedy unfold in fellow Americans backyards. We all know the names: Columbine, Pearl High School (MS) shooting, Sandy Hook, the Aurora CO theatre shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing and of course the 9/11 tragedy. While saying a pray for those in the embroiled in devastating tragedy, I would be untruthful if I didn’t admit I also said a word of thanks for the safety that had covered mine and my “back door”.

But, we live in desperate times and desperate times can bring tragedy, horror and unrelenting pain and grief to our own back door – our back yard when we least except.

September 23, 2014 was that day for my back door and it rippled through my community with pain that tore through the hearts of thousands of people. For on that day, a little after 9 AM a 45 year old man who was most certainly not in his right mind walked into a UPS distribution center and began shooting. When he was finished two men were dead and then he turned the gun on himself and ended his life.

Now, I am not here to debate his motives, what drove him to do what he did. There is plenty of information available concerning that. And, I will not debate second amendment rights. This is not what this is about.

This is about families – about a community – about pain and about how can we move forward.

Yesterday, I felt a tremendous burden for all involved. As the day unfolded and details revealed an anvil of pain fell on me for the shooter’s family – his wife and two young children. Law enforcement descended on the family’s home and began “digging” through the family home looking for a why. Local schools were locked down as a precautionary move – an admirable move to keep the kids in our community as safe as possible.

The more I thought of this family’s misfortune, I thought of the Amish school shooting in Pennsylvania in 2006. That lead me to post the following on Facebook:

You know I’ve been thinking about the family of the UPS shooter. Imagine how turned up their world is today. There is a wife and children that started their day today – kids who went to school, and a wife who maybe went to work. She might have already had the worries of making ends meet at the loss of one income on her mind. Now, the horror of finding out her spouse and the father of her children killed 2 men and himself in front of the whole world and that world is now digging into their home and life. These are desperate times we live in. No matter what mainstream media tells you, the economy is not better. Millions of Americans have given up on finding a job because jobs are hard to come by. But, what about this family – this family that is in OUR back door? I’m reminded of the horrific Amish school shooting in PA several years ago. A man not in his right mind went into an Amish school and slaughtered several young Amish girls. How did the Amish community react to that man’s family? With an unbelievable outpouring of God’s love. They took food to the family and when there were no mourners at his funeral (he had turned his gun on himself like the gunman did this morning) this Amish community attended to support the widow and family. You can only do that kind of thing through the love of our Almighty God. I hope in the upcoming days the UPS shooter’s family sees the sustaining love of God from our community. “Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.” Matt 5:7 NIV

The outpouring and response has been overwhelming. It has reminded me why I love this spot I have picked as my home. My sweet home, Alabama. There are good people here – people who realize that the tragedy of Sept. 23 ripples out and touches the families of the two men that were slain, but also the innocent wife and children of the shooter and for every ripple after that.

So this evening or in the morning, step out your back door or your front door breathe in your view – don’t be like Mozart and wait to let death be the key which unlocks the door to your true happiness.


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And, What Would Justice Be? by Beverly Hicks Burch

“For Children are innocent and love justice, while most of us are wicked and naturally prefer mercy.” ~ G. K. Chesterton: ‘The Coloured Lands’ ~

Eleven days before Christmas 27 bodies lay dead after a gruesome shooting at an elementary school in Newton, CT. Twenty of the little bodies were innocent children ranging in ages from 5 to 10 years old, slaughtered like sheep by an angry, evil wild beast. The other seven bodies included 6 adults, one the school principal and the murderer who turned a gun on himself after he had finished his gruesome task. Down the road in a deathly quiet home lay the body of the shooter’s first victim, his own mother.

Just what will be justice in this tragedy? And, God help us, what will be the mercy?

The shooter is dead, so there will be no justice there. Fortunately we are not like some countries where known relatives would be dragged out of their homes to pay for the sins of the perpetrator. The mercy for the children? That they knew little suffering. The mercy now is for their suffering families.

On the very same day, in the village of Chenpeng, Henan province, China a 36 year old man carrying a knife slashed 22 children and one adult at the gate of an elementary school. In recent years, attacks on children especially in schools have been on the rise. In 2010 a man in eastern China went into a kindergarten classroom and slashed 28 children and two teachers.

Why and how, you may be asking can this occur in a country like China? A country that is oppressed by communism and isn’t known for liberal gun ownership laws. The why seems to be related to people losing their jobs and feeling left out of any economic boom that might be going on in the country. The obvious how is with knives, but there is a much more sinister how underneath all of these murders and incidents. That particular how is the evil that lives in the Godless heart of mankind.

No matter where the evil lies, there will always be instruments on hand for mankind to carry out their plots of chaos. In Salem it was stakes, fire and crushing people between heavy stones, in Nazi Germany it was death camps of unspeakable horrors. Chechen rebels used a theater and gas as their path to carnage. No matter what you take away from the innocent to protect themselves with, evil will find a way to reign down destruction and horror on the unprotected innocent.

My heart aches for these 42 angels of Friday’s carnage…20 in the USA and 22 in China. I think Lord Alfred Tennyson said it best, so to paraphrase him, “God’s finger touched them, and they slept.”

We have to do a better job of protecting our children…our future. That is where to begin with the mercy…and where our morning light lies…

Sadness flies on the wings of the morning, and out of the heart of darkness comes the light.” ~ Jean Giraudoux ~

© 2012 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


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Never Worked a Day in Her Life?! by Beverly Hicks Burch

Never Worked a Day in Her Life?!


This week Hilary Rosen started a firestorm when she accused Ann Romney of “never working a day in her life”.

My first thought was, “Seriously?! Are you really dragging out that old insult? You must feel really threatened!” In life I’ve found the go to tactic is insult the opponent when you feel threatened.

It’s mudslinging time people and the Obama campaign is shoveling it…

Of course Obama’s “advisors” are coming out voicing their “disappointment” in Ms Rosen’s comments. Yep, real loyalty there…

The jaw dropping disingenuous move here is that suddenly the Obama campaign is snatching back from the “war on women” tactic. Why do I say disingenuous?

Well, just this week I was emailed (I can’t for the life of me understand how I got on this email list) an email from the re-elect Obama campaign. The re-elect Obama campaign must feel the inevitable candidate for the GOP is Mitt Romney because the letter contained five (5) scare tactics ominous, treacherous things that will happen if Romney is elected in November.

Number one on the list? (1) Mitt Romney will declare a war on women.

Yep, as simple as that, that’s what Obama’s number one concern about Mitt Romney is and the big evil they are warning and agitating the American people with…and now comes Hilary Rosen…

Give me a freaking break!!

I feel qualified to speak on this subject from several levels.

First and foremost, I am a woman…a bona fide girly girl…a college educated girly girl…so take that… Furthermore, I have worked outside of the home and I have been a stay-at-home mom, been a stay-at-home mom who worked part time, a stay-at-home mom who help in home based businesses and been a stay-at-home mom who homeschooled. Honey, if it’s on the spectrum, I’ve probably been there.

And, let me tell you something, sister…being a stay at home mom is the hardest work I’ve ever done in my life. You scrub, clean, shop, cook, nurse to good health, budget, chauffer, recycle, garden, organize, structure and in many cases educate formally (if you homeschool as I did) or informally just in everyday life, teaching you children about life, love and morals…and those are just a few of the chores you do. Many times you do this on a budget stretched so thin it’s bare in places, but, it’s all about sacrifice for the greater good…in this case for your children and or family. (Sacrifice is a concept that seems to get little understanding in our society today. O Henry’s The Gift of the Magi would seem like a lame and stupid story to many, yet it epitomizes the gift of true, caring heartfelt, sacrificial love.) Most of the time a stay-at-home mom’s work is done without the aid of help…unless she has the help of a caring and loving mate. In that case, then she’s in a loving partnership which works much like a business would work at its best…like a well oiled machine.

Many moms who work outside of the home have the assistance of nannies, and cleaning help. Some have the luxury of personal shoppers, decorators and personal assistance. Notice, I didn’t use a universal statement like the ilk of Ms Rosen are want to do…I didn’t say all working moms have the above luxuries because I know many are living from paycheck to paycheck, especially if they are single working moms. I also do realize there are some stay-at-home moms who may avail themselves to the same luxuries and well they should if they can afford them because they do work hard.

A couple of years ago my sister and her husband adopted their first child. They are well into the middle years of their life. My sister has been an educator all of her adult life. She holds a Master’s Degree and education beyond that. I saw her work hard in her profession. But, since having her child and being a stay-at-home mom I have seen my sister truly tired. It is a blessed, fulfilled tired…with a heart full of love beyond reason. She does it well and she deserves it. She deserves the choice to stay-at-home. It does not make her brain numb, uneducated or clueless to the outside world and the concerns thereof as Ms Rosen would seem to think.

If anything a stay-at-home mom is avidly in tune to the world around her and the issues that affect her and her family. And, for Ms Rosen’s future reference, the economy and jobs are part of those concerns…or as the 1992 Bill Clinton campaign put it, “it’s the economy, stupid!”

I was raised in a conservative household. My parents raised three girls, one who was physically and mentally challenged from a young age. We grew up in the `60s and `70s and we never had to be liberated from anything when it came to expectations.

Our Daddy considered it a top priority we receive an education, respect ourselves and expect others to respect us. Daddy’s mantra was “Get a good education in case you marry some dope who leaves you. You won’t have to sling hash in a greasy spoon if you get an education!” (Yep, I was the one who married said dope who left years later…which is an entirely different story…but, acquiring computer skills helped me snag a job I would have never imagined. Knowledge is power people!) In Daddy’s eyes we could do anything we wanted…there was just some things he couldn’t understand why we would want to do them…I mean why be a ditch digger when you could be a writer, a teacher, a doctor or whatever?!

Let’s look at Ms Rosen’s target for a moment: Ann Romney. Ms Romney is a mother of five sons. Just that makes me tired thinking about it! Ms Romney is no “air head blond or bimbo”. Not only did she attend BYU, but she finished her undergraduate work at Harvard University. Ever heard of that little ol’ school? I’m sure somewhere along the line, if Ms Romney’s college education was like mine, she had to take an economy class or two. Ms Romney has also been involved in charity work with many organizations. Yes, that is work. Someone has to do it or it won’t get done! Also, take into consideration that Ann Romney has accomplished all of this while battling multiple sclerosis and breast cancer.

Let me tell you something: that in itself is no easy task. I can relate to that as someone with chronic and disabling illnesses and as a two time non-smoking lung cancer survivor. Sometimes just dealing with chronic illness is a full time job.

But, what it boils down to is this: Ann Romney is no hot house violet…

What Ms Rosen leaves out when she makes her disparaging remarks is this…choice! Kind of ironic coming from the party of choice, huh? Choice is okay if you are a Democrat and/or a liberal woman, but woe be unto you if you are in the GOP or consider yourself conservative or step out of line with the Democrat party line. Then your choices are invalid if they do not fall in line with the Democrat party and liberal women.

How totally hypocritical…

© 2012 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


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Pocket Change and Taxes, by Beverly Hick Burch

I know I have a lot less pocket change these days. One big reason is the cost of gasoline. Here’s a staggering statistic for you…gasoline was $1.83 on Jan. 20, 2009. That’s an 87% increase in a little over two years. Now, gas is quickly approaching $4 a gallon. And, why on earth in Jan. 20, 2009 such a benchmark? Come on mind think! Oh yeeaahh…that was the day our current President was inaugurated…DUH!

© 2011 Beverly Hicks Burch All Right Reserved.


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Facebook Faux Pas, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Facebook Faux Pas

By Beverly Hicks Burch

If you even vaguely keep up with current events and the news, you will on occasion hear of abuses on social networking websites like MySpace and Facebook. Just last week it was discovered that eco terrorist James Jay Lee had a MySpace page from which he could rant about his twisted viewpoints on “parasitic human babies” and telepathic apes. Of course, once he stormed the headquarters of The Discovery Channel with bombs, explosives and guns and then proceeded to take “parasitic human” hostages, MySpace took his page down . Hummm, wonder why?

Both networking sites have been used for nefarious reasons…stalking, harassment, identity theft, spamming unwanted ads and hacking private information. We’ve heard about the MySpace case involving a jealous mother who created a bogus male account to at first woo the rival of her daughter, then spew hurtful mean spiteful words at her. Of course the woman was a coward because she was hiding behind a computer screen, and she was evil. Her actions drove a young girl to suicide, and when found out the mom was like “Oh, it was just a joke! I never thought anything like this would happen!”

My response is WHATEVER you crazy witch! What adult in their right mind would do something like that anyway?!

Facebook isn’t so lily white either. They’ve had problems with registered sex offenders getting through their “security”. In seems in 2009 thousands of sex offending refugees booted from MySpace found a comfy home on Facebook until someone called their attention to it. But, as recent as Aug. 10th of this year, another sex offender was found on Facebook.

Facebook also allows other putrid groups to flourish on the sites under the “freedom of speech” guise. One group called “I fuckin hate that Richard Hammond is on Facebook” has been reported to Facebook’s “abuse page, but as I write was still up. Hammond’s offense is that he evidently was in an automobile accident and was horribly disfigured and the person who started the Facebook page felt he should have gone ahead and died.

One girl, Carrie Lindzy Davies, on the Facebook abuse page stated on Aug. 15, “It’s not r.a.p.e it’s surprise sex…I’ve reported this page multiple times and it’s still up…

Then of course, there’s the Jeffery Dahmer and All You Can Eat Buffet Page and several Charles Manson pages. One page is dedicated to the Sexuality of Adolf Hitler and there’s a John Wayne Gacy page.

There are just posts and posts of such reports on the Facebook abuse wall.

And then of course there’s the case of Maryland woman Karen Beth Young. Young joined Facebook in Feb. 2010. She launched her profile and two other pages that were inspired by her mother’s and sister’s battle with breast cancer. People were so touch by Karen’s story and plight that her friend list soon reached 5,000 and she started a petition to allow people’s friend list to exceed 5,000. Soon after, her account was shut down for non-specific reasons.

Now Karen sounds like a truly determined gal. She drove all the way from Maryland to Facebook headquarters in California to ask “why?’. The main gist of the conversation there was “Oh we’ve have people drive farther than you, from Canada.” (Ok, people in my mind that tells me Facebook screws up a lot if they have people driving all the way to California to straighten it out! Egg on your face Facebook!) Karen was then told her account was reinstated, but by the time she got back to Maryland it was closed again. Karen is suing Facebook…and who can blame her?

Then right on the coattails of this debacle a mother in Australia has desperately been trying to get Facebook to shut down the account of a stalker who is stalking her 12 year old daughter and her friends. Facebook will not shut the stalker down, but did speak through a law firm located in Australia. Their response? To paraphrase,” the girls have no business being on Facebook since the legal age to join is 14”. Oooo-kay…so let’s just let those ol’ perves play. And g’day to yall Down Under, too…

And, then of course there’s the lawsuit filed on Aug 28th by the parents of underage kids. They allege that their teenager’s names and images were sold to advertisers without their permission. Now is that slimly and slick or what?

I know many of you are wondering, “What on earth has gotten into Bev on this fine September morning? What bee got into her bonnet and spur under her saddle?”

Well, let me tell you. My Momma and Daddy always did say I had a soft spot for the underdog and those being treated unfairly. And what I’m about to tell you falls into both of those categories.

When I married my Tall & Handsome I inherited two of the nicest in-laws a gal could hope to have. T & H’s sister and her husband are just what my Daddy and us folks down South call “salt of the earth people”. Humble, unpretentious, just the kind of people that make life good and worthwhile.

Fred worked for decades at IBM. The man has a MENSA IQ but knows how to enjoy the simple things in life. He enjoys cooking holiday meals for his family, woodworking, and reading and adores his kids and grandkids. He is kind, humorous and generous.

Cindy is like the Golden Retrievers she loves so much…loving, happy, loyal, kind, generous, protective and thoughtful. She loves her family.

They are both devoted to their church.

This past May their youngest grandchild was born and a joyous event turned scary very quickly and out of the blue. Fred’s daughter had, unknown to everyone, including the doctors, developed acute fatty liver pregnancy. This is a serious complication and it is life threatening to both the mother and the infant. It’s also very rare and usually isn’t evident until it presents itself, in other words, most times there’s no way to predict when and if it will happen.

In this case it was touch and go for both the mother and child. There were a lot of prayers said for those two. Both were in ICU, with the infant in NICU. It was a joyous thankful time when each got to leave the hospital and go home.

Of course as proud grandparents like to do, pictures of grandkids are shared…and what better place than Facebook. Right? Fred had a Facebook account and so did Cindy. And pictures of cute, sweet little Henry were posted. Then the other day, retired grandfather Fred had the newest picture available of his new grandson and he wanted to post it on his Facebook page. When he went to login he was stunned to find out that Facebook had closed his account!

On what grounds you might ask? Because of Fred’s name. You see since 1943 he has been Fred (Frederick) Krueger. Yes, you read that right…because his REAL name is Fred Krueger and always has been Facebook closed his account!!

What is even more galling is they advised him that is WHY they are closing his account AND not to contact them concerning it AND not to attempt to appeal their decision!!

Facebook, people cannot help the names they are given at birth and you are practicing discrimination. Just since I’ve shared this with friends I’ve been told by one friend about a house she bought. She bought the home from a police officer named Ronald McDonald. She also knew a minister born in 1915 named Donald Duck. 1915 is waaaay before Disney came up with his daffy cartoon.

I’m sure these poor guys went through their own personal type of hell with these names after some Hollywood type or Madison Ave. guru decided their names were perfect for a duck and a clown. Just because Wes Craven hijacked my brother-in-law’s name doesn’t mean Facebook has the right to erase him as a person!

I don’t know about you, but to me this smacks of Facebook’s arrogance and it sounds like another one of those “lawsuits we will fight vigorously” (to quote Facebook) in the making. Looks like they’re losing a whole lot a cash fighting vigorously lawsuits for their many Facebook faux pas.

Now, it they want to jump of me and close my account for speaking my mind, I know a crusty ol’ Southern lawyer that might just like to talk to them about freedom of speech…

© 2010 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


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Lions and Tigers and Parasitic Human Babies…Oh, My!, By Beverly Hicks Burch

Lions and Tigers and Parasitic Human Babies…Oh, My!

By Beverly Hicks Burch

Yesterday, I had a lot on my plate I had to take care of before I could turn my attention to the TV and news. But, when I did the radar for the “newshound” in me went off immediately. Guess the dead giveaway was the SWAT team…the word “hostages”…oh, yeah and the word BOMB! That’ll get your attention every time let me tell you…

I will admit I wasn’t paying too much attention at first because I was kind of unwinding from the day…plus, I didn’t have on my new, super duper, no-line bifocal, “gee-can-I-really-see-out-of-these” glasses. But once I put on those puppies, let me tell you, everything came into focus really fast!

It appeared that some nut job had taken over the headquarters of The Discovery Channel in Silver Springs, MD, taken hostages and of course was “making demands”. He was armed and prepared for his own little type of war. Evidently, it was reported he had strapped explosives to his body and was equipped with a “kill switch” also known as a “dead man’s switch”. In other words, you kill that fool, you blow the place and the innocent up. It’s a device used by really sweetheart kind of people, don’t you know…

When Tall & Handsome came home we stepped out for a bite to eat and I asked him if he had heard what had happened at Discovery. He asked, “the credit card company?”

And, I knew then I had to get us on the same wavelength, so I gave him a recap of the afternoon’s events. By then, the SWAT team had done their job which was to eliminate the nut job/terrorist to protect the lives of the hostages.

Details had begun to leak out about this guy’s manifesto and his revolutionary ideas. He was slightly peeved with The Discovery Channel because he felt they had too much programming that encouraged people to have “parasitic human children”.

Being a tad sarcastic, I said, to T & H, “Well, I guess that’s one more person that’s been driven over the edge by “Kate plus 8.” I mean really can we take this woman out of the spotlight?! Did you see her dance on Dancing With the Stars?! You absolutely needed pain reliever to endure it…but, the children are innocent and in my book being used by her…and their dad.

Well, oops, my bad! This nut job evidently did have Kate and the Duggar family (don’t get me started on them…and just for the record, I do believe in the sanctity of life, but we’re also told to do all things with temperance [Gal 5:22-23 NASB]…and popping out 19 or 20 babies throws temperance to the wind in my book…) And even though these TV shows are not my cup of tea, they certainly are not worth annihilating mankind over them!

Now I know some people may think I’m being a tad judgmental by calling James Jay Lee, a nut job. I would reply, get a life, but instead I would direct you to his website where he espouses his manifesto and viewpoint on life, mankind and human babies. Folks, it is riveting reading and insight into a twisted mind…and one that I’m sure is not singular in its way of thinking…

Lee wanted to force The Discovery Channel to incorporate his twisted viewpoints into their programming…and make it entertaining! I can see it now…”50 Ways to Annihilate Mankind and Have Fun Doing IT!” Sponsored by

Lee says he had an awakening, an epiphany if you will, when he saw Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. I suppose it was a little “inconvenient” for James Lee to do his research to find out science is conflicted on the “global warming” scenario and that some data has been “fudged” and to find out that Gore has made mega big bucks on the business of “global warming”.

For instance, estimated that Gore’s net worth was $1million dollars in 2001. By 2007 he was worth $100 million dollars! I don’t know about you, but in my book that’s a whole lot of hot air! Not only that, but The Tennessee Center for Policy Research released figures that Gore’s mansion in Nashville used more energy in one month than twice what most Americans use in a year! His average monthly electric bill was $1,359! Talk about a whited sepulcher…

James Lee was also influenced by a book titled My Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn. This book is part of a trilogy in which a telepathic ape teaches mankind about the wrongs of the creation story, the Garden of Eden, the overpopulation of mankind and well, you get the idea. I don’t know about you, but the only thing my Miniature Schnauzer “telepathically” tells me is when he comes and stares at me…that means, “I really need to go outside…NOW…”

Other than that, so far he hasn’t told me that mankind should stop birthing “parasitic human babies”. As a matter of fact, as smart as he is, he’s probably figured out that if that ever happened he might die of heartworm disease because who would give him his heartworm medication, oh, yeah and what about rabies…and all those rubs and pats and love and attention he gets from those human parasites? As smart as he is, I think he’s just fine stringing us along and playing us just like he does and has us eating out of his paw…he’ll keep it that way…

It never ceases to amaze me that people like James Lee always make mankind as the bad guys. We are the cause of ALL bad in the world. Anything harmful, anything deadly. Nature is pure, gentle, kind…you always hear a lullaby playing in the background when talking about “nature”. Makes you just want to grab people like this by the nape of the neck and take them into the jungle and let them watch nature in action. Guess they’ve never seen a lion ripe the throat of a gazelle open, or a bear maim another animal, and would they willingly walk through a pit of vipers, asps or cobras. No, nature can be one of the deadliest encounters a human can face.

And a sweet, innocent baby when loved, adored, nurtured and raised right can be one of the best things the world has ever seen…and the least likely thing from a parasite.

Actually, there was one Child that grew up and said: ‘Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.” Matt 5:5

These “parasites” usually do a pretty good job of being good “stewards”…

© 2010 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

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Woman Dies After Docs Miss Toilet Brush Embedded in Buttocks – Incredible Health –

Woman Dies After Docs Miss Toilet Brush Embedded in Buttocks – Incredible Health

Read this seemingly unbelievable but true story about socialized  medicine at it’s “best”…from one of the countries our own government is looking to as the model when “reforming” our healthcare.

I’m afraid this is what we have to look forward to…the shaft…

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Shake, Rattle and Roll, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Shake, Rattle and Roll

By Beverly Hicks Burch

Yes, Virginia it can happen here too…East of the Rockies and the Continental Divide. No, I’m not talking about snow or smog or urban crawl or Tex-Mex food or even finding a good can of green chilies to add to you favorite dish. I’m talking about earthquakes. It happened early this morning in of all places…southern Illinois!

I have been fascinated with earthquakes every since I was a young girl…I even considered entering the field of geology and Earth science…but, instead enter the field of stupefying my brain when I married the ex, Gomez…that’s another whole different story altogether. As I’ve told Tall & Handsome…I’ve been a closet geek most of my life. Now it just exhibits itself in blogging, computer gaming and other forms of geekdom…

I don’t remember if it was the story of the Big One in San Francisco or the article I read about the earthquake along the New Madrid (MO) fault in the early 1800’s, but after that, the fascination was set.

The New Madrid quake really was an epiphany…I saved the Reader’s Digest article for years. I guess because the quake happened so close to home…at least for a Southern gal. Not many people realize this, but between 1974 – 2003, Arkansas was #12 and Tennessee was #15 on the USGS list of Top 20 Earthquake States. That, I’m sure is in part to the New Madrid Fault which runs through the central United Stated and includes the states of Tennessee, Arkansas and Missouri.

The New Madrid “Event” was a series of catastrophic earthquakes and aftershocks that hit the region of Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Kentucky during the late months of 1811 and the early months of 1812. These series of quakes were actually the largest quakes to ever hit the United States since European white man set foot on North America. They were two to three times greater than the 1964 Alaskan earthquake and 10 times stronger than the Great San Francisco Quake of 1906. To many of us that is unimaginable.

The magnitudes of these quakes were between 7.2 and 8.1 on the old scale, 9 or higher on the new scale. So, why wasn’t there more damage. Well, there was considerable damage…for the time and era. You have to take into consideration that the area was sparsely populated at the time. Nonetheless, there was great damage…natural and otherwise.

There were reports of church bells ringing in Boston and sidewalks cracking in Washington D.C. as a result of some of these quakes. Needless to say the shocks could be felt in surrounding states. Parts of St. Louis were damaged as were parts of the little town of New Madrid in Missouri.

The Mississippi River appeared to change course and flow upstream. The banks and configuration of the river changed because of the quake as the riverbanks caved in and the earth lifted up in places. New bends appeared in the river that had not been there prior to the quakes. It’s said that some lakes, most notably Reelfoot Lake was either created or enlarged by the quake.

The area was rocked by strong aftershocks for years afterwards. People from that time reported the earth would open up and they would cut trees down over the chasms that appeared just to be able to walk across the giant gashes in the ground.

This area remains active today and unlike California doesn’t get much publicity concerning earthquakes. What is known is that the area is over due for another major quake. This time large urban population areas could be involved…areas like Memphis, TN and St. Louis, MO and others.

The quake that happened this morning (2008 April 18th) in Illinois/Indiana has already been followed by an aftershock. Reports say it was felt in Kansas and as far south as Georgia. Now, I can’t say I felt the darn thing…but, I can tell you this…very early this morning Scooter AKA Watson was very unsettled. He spent a lot of time growling in a very low subdued voice for no apparent reason. Very out of character. It leaves me to wonder…just how much can animals sense…and DANG…how good is that dog’s hearing?!

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Father Forgive Them, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Father Forgive Them

By Beverly Hicks Burch

I’m at a loss for words. If you know me, you know that’s a feat rarely accomplished. Maybe it would be more accurate to say I’m stunned, grieved, concerned and yes, angered to a degree. Here’s why…I must warn you, if you are faint of heart or under the age of 18 you should forego this blog. But, I would recommend any concerned, spirited, civic-minded American to proceed…especially if you are a parent. (Warning: Graphic links ahead.)

I’ve spent the morning researching something called the Folsom Street Fair. It’s an event that occurs yearly in the City by the Bay, San Francisco, CA on the last Sunday in September. The event is billed as the world’s largest leather event and concludes San Francisco’s Leather Pride Week. Because it is an event where sadomasochistic acts are performed in the open in broad daylight, the event draws many curiosity seekers…about 400,000 a year, making it the third largest street event in California.

People parade around in outlandish costumes. No harm, no foul there, right? Some people are in street clothes, some cross dress because, yes, this is a gay event and some take the clothing optional route (read NO clothes). Yep, no kidding…I have seen the pictures and I personally DO NOT understand this one. Why on earth would you want to go around advertising your…huh…umm…shortcomings to the world or at least 400,000 other fellow human beings. It just looks like to me that would really spoil the pick up. (If I have to spell it our for you, let me put it to you this way…if I had met Gomez at a clothing optional event, well, there would not have been a Gomez and Bev. But, that is another story entirely…)

The Fair raises money for gay organizations among them, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Frameline, GLBT Historical Society and the Transgender Law Center.

The Folsom Street Fair is an event of debauchery and the organizers are proud of it. It pales the average imagination. Folks, this isn’t southeastern football gone wild or an animal house frat party. And, I feel like I should be interjecting (and defending myself) at this point…Bev isn’t a prude…so, what’s up?

Well, this year the “fine” organizers of the Folsom Street Fair decided to use their “interpretation” of da Vinci’s Last Supper. For those of you not familiar with this painting, it depicts Jesus Christ’s Last Supper on Earth with His disciples before he was crucified. To many people of the Christian faith, of all denominations, this is a sacred time and is celebrated as Communion, a sacrament that signifies the commitment of one’s faith in Christ.

The Folsom Street Fair decided to take a blasphemous interpretation of da Vinci’s painting to promote their event. The “players” in the poster are dressed in S/M and bondage leather gear and the “sacraments” of the Last Supper are now sex toys.

The Catholic League and several other Christian organizations have cried fouled. Of coursed they will take the heat for that, but, I ask, “Why should they not cry foul?” As I said in a previous blog, Redacted, there is still one accepted prejudice and bigotry and that is against Christians and people of faith. As a matter of fact, it is quite the vogue to exhibit this prejudice.

Cases in point are the sponsors and promoters of The Folsom Street Fair. While they claim to be and want tolerance for all people, their words and actions betray their true feelings. Perusing the websites, as disturbing as it can be, will tell you that…they practice something else entirely. They are totally intolerant of Christianity.

For example, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence claim to be a group of “nuns”. The “sisters” are mostly a group of cross dressing gay men. Reading the “nuns” individual bios will tell you many have had piss poor lives and experiences that have lead them to where they are today. Many of the “sisters” seem to have a raging anger or disdain for God or religion. Sister Tilly Comes Again said: “Reared Catholic…served 12 years in Catholic school…was an altar boy that was NOT molested…dammit!”

That’s not funny whether you’re religious or not…period. The molestation of a child is not a laughing matter, but evidently to a gay, cross dressing “nun” it is. Who do you think your child would be safest with? A Sister of Perpetual Indulgence or a Sister of the Catholic Church?

People I have had disappointments in life…betrayals, hurts…the full range of the human experience. I can guarantee you mankind will let you down. It is our nature…because we are not God. But, I can tell you this…in the long run…when I have done my part and listened to Him, God has NEVER let me down. It’s usually been the other way around. But, people, there is NO life experience that justifies this kind of cavalier attitude, especially toward child molestation!

The Sisters also hold an Easter event that is in keeping with the blasphemous theme of the current Fair poster that follows its suit. Pictures of the event are bizarre at best. It appears the crowning moment at the Sisters’ Easter event is a “Hunky Jesus” contest. I also fail to see what this has to do with Easter.

The more I read about these people and this “Fair” the more my heart began to ache. I began to think of the theatrical mask…one happy and one sad. I thought of the sadness that follows their lives, the sickness, the emptiness, the cycled relationships. Don’t tell me I don’t know of what I speak. I’ve had people in my life I am close to that struggle with the issues daily. It tears at families, friends…period. In the end you love them…period. I pray for all the wounded…Father, forgive them…

The Catholic League and other Christian organizations are calling for Miller Brewing to pull their logo from the poster of The Folsom Street Fair or be boycotted. It is beyond me why a mainstream company like Miller would want to offend a lot of America AND align themselves with a website that sells hardcore male gay porn…yep, that’s another sponsor (Hot House) of the Fair. The Catholic League posted these pictures from last year’s Fair on their site as evidence that this is not a mainstream event. I would add this picture. If you agree, support the Catholic League. (I would also like to ask: Why is Disney’s Little Mermaid showing up here as it did in 2006?)

*Note: Humm…well, since posting this blog and the inception of The Catholic League’s boycott it appears the The Folsom Street Fair decided to attempt to take one of Brian de Palma and Hollywood’s plays and redact their poster and website to some extent. The full-size poster has been covered with a sticky to a link for “fair press”. If you would care to see the poster in its glory, it appears on the Fair’s homepage.

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Redacted, by Beverly Hicks Burch


By Beverly Hicks Burch

There’s a buzz going on in Hollywood or as some of us in the “Normal States” lovingly call it…La-la-land…about legendary director Brian de Palma’s movie Redacted. Mr. de Palma’s latest is an anti-war movie supposedly based on a true life incident in Iraq.

Redacted means “cut out” or “edited” and Mr. de Palma thinks the government or Big Brother seriously redacted the supposed real-life incident. “Patriot” de Palma claims this is his attempt and contribution to end the war, but it could also be seen as another rather clumsy, paranoid anti-government, anti-American rant. In the days of FDR, Hitler, the Final Solution of 6 million Jews and WWII it would have be viewed as a danger to the troops on the ground and treasonous.

Furthermore, while Mr. de Palma claims redacting is a Big Brother, government tactic, I would suggest Mr. de Palma took the tactic and title from his own ilk, the entertainment industry play book. Case in point: Kathy Griffin’s recent award speech upon winning an Emmy for her benchmark, innovative, groundbreaking show My Life on the D List (note sarcasm). Have you seen or heard of the show, or even care? This show has struggled for years on cable.

Upon receiving the award Ms Griffin gave this speech:

“A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus,” an exultant Griffin said, holding up her statuette. “Suck it, Jesus. This award is my god now.”

(Wow…that is sooo classy…right up there with Brittany and Lindsey! Of course Kathy is close pals with Queen of Mean and Very High Class Rosie O’Donnell so I’m sure Rosie’s high class has rubbed off there, also.)

So, upon Kathy uttering these words, what did the Academy decided to do? They decided to redact Kathy’s words from the Emmy telecast the following Saturday. They didn’t want the goobers in the fly over states (that’s you and me my friends) to see what classy Kathy had said and the cheers and yee-haws and “you go girl” the other Celebs were giving Kathy.

The problem is this shows what the Hollywood elite think of the “fly over states”, Christianity and Jesus…the man who taught peace and love. Whether you are a Believer or not is irrelevant. It goes to point there is at least one prejudice still allowed by the very people that promote tolerance and multiculturalism. To illustrate let’s do some role playing using Kathy’s same speech and ponder the reaction if she had used a different name instead of Jesus in her speech. Remember…this is role play and not my personnel sentiments or feelings.

First let’s try this:

“A lot of people come up here and thank Mohammed for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Mohammed,” an exultant Griffin said, holding up her statuette. “Suck it, Mohammed. This award is my god now.”

Me thinks that would have gone over like poop in a punch bowl…

To prevent redundancy, let’s just provide a list of words we could insert in place of Jesus’ name and each time estimate the crowd’s and the media’s reaction had Kathy utter her speech in the revised form…


…Planned Parenthood

…Hillary Clinton

…Don Imus

…The Bill of Rights

…The US Constitution

…Martin Luther King

…John Kennedy

…Gloria Steinman


…Dali Lama

…L. Ron Hubbard

…Brigham Young


Should I add more? I think I made my point. Kathy is being given a pass on this by Hollywood and redacting her words isn’t enough to hide the contempt she and most of Hollywood hold for most of America. When will the rest of America wake up? We hold the strings to their pocketbooks after all…

You shall have no other gods before Me. Exodus 20:3 NASB

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