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Momma’s Day Lily Seen Through Daddy’s Lens, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Day Lilly of 06 06 2012

I’m a few minutes late, but in honor of Father’s Day I wanted to post a picture of one of Momma’s day lilies…

Huh, I know you’re asking? In honor of Father’s Day?


As I explained a couple of weeks ago Mom’s been under the weather and in the hospital so Daddy and I have been doing “garden” duty for Momma.

Keep in mind Daddy was a mechanical engineer/project manager who retired and became a pastor, then retired again and now does freelance engineering from his home office so this gardening thing hasn’t always been at the top of his list. He’s like the Engergizer bunny despite having bypass surgery, a pacemaker, knee surgery…oh, and like his oldest daughter (yours truly) he’s a cancer survivor. (I’m not going to tell his age, because like me he’s very young for his age Winking smile)

We grow us mountain folk tough and resilient in East Tennessee, back where we come from…

So, now Daddy is also doing some Ansel Adams tinkering around the place  and cooking…and as I took a stroll around the yard with him today I could tell he was enjoying the finer details of the green and growing…it’s kinda like engineering from the dirt up, just with different dynamics…

I think they call that being a Renaissance Man…

A few days ago when Daddy was out in the yard, he took some pictures of Mom’s day lilies and he captured this gorgeous blossom at its peak. It’s just too pretty not to share

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy…I love you…

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Bright Spots, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Day Lilly

Day Lilly B 2011

No matter when, no matter where, day lilies always lift my spirits. Over the years I’ve had so many special people divide theirs and share abundantly with me. My sweet little Loveladys who lived next door to me for years had what I call the “roadside day lily”…that perennial bright orange beauty that proliferates along the sides on the roads here in the South during late Spring and early summer. The only difference with the ones the Loveladys had…theirs had triple layered blossoms! I wish I still had some of those and I sure wish the Loveladys were still around. I miss them sorely. They were like grandparents to me and I loved them dearly.

These bright little fellows are growing in my back yard.

© 2011 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved

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Harbinger of Summer, by Beverly Hicks Burch

It’s always a sure sign of summertime when you see these blooming. Years ago I had hundreds of these in my yard. This one is in the yard of my parents “old home place”.

Orange Daylily

© 2010 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

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Picture of the Day

Momma’s been taking pictures again…this time of Day Lilies…

Mom's Day Lily

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