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Never Worked a Day in Her Life?! by Beverly Hicks Burch

Never Worked a Day in Her Life?!


This week Hilary Rosen started a firestorm when she accused Ann Romney of “never working a day in her life”.

My first thought was, “Seriously?! Are you really dragging out that old insult? You must feel really threatened!” In life I’ve found the go to tactic is insult the opponent when you feel threatened.

It’s mudslinging time people and the Obama campaign is shoveling it…

Of course Obama’s “advisors” are coming out voicing their “disappointment” in Ms Rosen’s comments. Yep, real loyalty there…

The jaw dropping disingenuous move here is that suddenly the Obama campaign is snatching back from the “war on women” tactic. Why do I say disingenuous?

Well, just this week I was emailed (I can’t for the life of me understand how I got on this email list) an email from the re-elect Obama campaign. The re-elect Obama campaign must feel the inevitable candidate for the GOP is Mitt Romney because the letter contained five (5) scare tactics ominous, treacherous things that will happen if Romney is elected in November.

Number one on the list? (1) Mitt Romney will declare a war on women.

Yep, as simple as that, that’s what Obama’s number one concern about Mitt Romney is and the big evil they are warning and agitating the American people with…and now comes Hilary Rosen…

Give me a freaking break!!

I feel qualified to speak on this subject from several levels.

First and foremost, I am a woman…a bona fide girly girl…a college educated girly girl…so take that… Furthermore, I have worked outside of the home and I have been a stay-at-home mom, been a stay-at-home mom who worked part time, a stay-at-home mom who help in home based businesses and been a stay-at-home mom who homeschooled. Honey, if it’s on the spectrum, I’ve probably been there.

And, let me tell you something, sister…being a stay at home mom is the hardest work I’ve ever done in my life. You scrub, clean, shop, cook, nurse to good health, budget, chauffer, recycle, garden, organize, structure and in many cases educate formally (if you homeschool as I did) or informally just in everyday life, teaching you children about life, love and morals…and those are just a few of the chores you do. Many times you do this on a budget stretched so thin it’s bare in places, but, it’s all about sacrifice for the greater good…in this case for your children and or family. (Sacrifice is a concept that seems to get little understanding in our society today. O Henry’s The Gift of the Magi would seem like a lame and stupid story to many, yet it epitomizes the gift of true, caring heartfelt, sacrificial love.) Most of the time a stay-at-home mom’s work is done without the aid of help…unless she has the help of a caring and loving mate. In that case, then she’s in a loving partnership which works much like a business would work at its best…like a well oiled machine.

Many moms who work outside of the home have the assistance of nannies, and cleaning help. Some have the luxury of personal shoppers, decorators and personal assistance. Notice, I didn’t use a universal statement like the ilk of Ms Rosen are want to do…I didn’t say all working moms have the above luxuries because I know many are living from paycheck to paycheck, especially if they are single working moms. I also do realize there are some stay-at-home moms who may avail themselves to the same luxuries and well they should if they can afford them because they do work hard.

A couple of years ago my sister and her husband adopted their first child. They are well into the middle years of their life. My sister has been an educator all of her adult life. She holds a Master’s Degree and education beyond that. I saw her work hard in her profession. But, since having her child and being a stay-at-home mom I have seen my sister truly tired. It is a blessed, fulfilled tired…with a heart full of love beyond reason. She does it well and she deserves it. She deserves the choice to stay-at-home. It does not make her brain numb, uneducated or clueless to the outside world and the concerns thereof as Ms Rosen would seem to think.

If anything a stay-at-home mom is avidly in tune to the world around her and the issues that affect her and her family. And, for Ms Rosen’s future reference, the economy and jobs are part of those concerns…or as the 1992 Bill Clinton campaign put it, “it’s the economy, stupid!”

I was raised in a conservative household. My parents raised three girls, one who was physically and mentally challenged from a young age. We grew up in the `60s and `70s and we never had to be liberated from anything when it came to expectations.

Our Daddy considered it a top priority we receive an education, respect ourselves and expect others to respect us. Daddy’s mantra was “Get a good education in case you marry some dope who leaves you. You won’t have to sling hash in a greasy spoon if you get an education!” (Yep, I was the one who married said dope who left years later…which is an entirely different story…but, acquiring computer skills helped me snag a job I would have never imagined. Knowledge is power people!) In Daddy’s eyes we could do anything we wanted…there was just some things he couldn’t understand why we would want to do them…I mean why be a ditch digger when you could be a writer, a teacher, a doctor or whatever?!

Let’s look at Ms Rosen’s target for a moment: Ann Romney. Ms Romney is a mother of five sons. Just that makes me tired thinking about it! Ms Romney is no “air head blond or bimbo”. Not only did she attend BYU, but she finished her undergraduate work at Harvard University. Ever heard of that little ol’ school? I’m sure somewhere along the line, if Ms Romney’s college education was like mine, she had to take an economy class or two. Ms Romney has also been involved in charity work with many organizations. Yes, that is work. Someone has to do it or it won’t get done! Also, take into consideration that Ann Romney has accomplished all of this while battling multiple sclerosis and breast cancer.

Let me tell you something: that in itself is no easy task. I can relate to that as someone with chronic and disabling illnesses and as a two time non-smoking lung cancer survivor. Sometimes just dealing with chronic illness is a full time job.

But, what it boils down to is this: Ann Romney is no hot house violet…

What Ms Rosen leaves out when she makes her disparaging remarks is this…choice! Kind of ironic coming from the party of choice, huh? Choice is okay if you are a Democrat and/or a liberal woman, but woe be unto you if you are in the GOP or consider yourself conservative or step out of line with the Democrat party line. Then your choices are invalid if they do not fall in line with the Democrat party and liberal women.

How totally hypocritical…

© 2012 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


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An Overheard Conversation, by Beverly Hicks Burch

An Overheard Conversation

By Beverly Hicks Burch

*I’m posting this here for those of you that don’t follow my political blog Uncommon Sensibilities.

Last night while on the way in from work, Tall & Handsome stopped to pick us up a bite of supper. While waiting for the food he happened to overhear a very interesting conversation.

Sitting next to T & H was a guy who worked for a local car dealership that sells (foreign) cars. He and another person were discussing the “Cash for Clunkers” program.

The guy who was part of the conversation not in the automotive industry was asking how the program worked and Mr. Car Salesman was more than happy to tell him…well, kinda…sorta…

But first, let me ask you…do you know what counts as a “clunker” for a trade-in?

Well here are the qualifications:

· The vehicle must have been made within the last 25 years from the day of the trade-in, but in the case of category 3 vehicles (trucks or vans) the vehicle can’t be made later than 2001.

· The combined city/highway fuel economy must be 18 MPG or less.

· Be in drivable condition (!)

· You must own it at least a year before you trade it in.

So what do you have to do to get that whopping $3,500 or $4,500 into your grubby little hands? Well, read on:

· You must purchase or lease the new vehicle for five years.

· The new vehicle must sell for $45,000 (and who the heck can afford that in this obamination of an economy?!) and get at least a whopping 22 combined MPG.

· If you want $3,500 your trade-in must best your old vehicle by 5 – 9 MPG, but if you want the $4,500 cash for clunkers your new vehicle needs to get 10 MPG or more better than your old “clunker”.

So, according to these standards, these “clunkers” may not be that old, are in perfectly good running condition…and in many cases paid for! So, for $3,500 – $4,500 the Obama Administration wants you to go into debt…guess they don’t want a bushel of apples falling too far from the little apple tree…

Now, back to the overheard conversation…

Mr. Car Salesman said it was a great program for young people…who usually end up buying “throw away” cars and that the dealership “adjusts” the price of the vehicle to reflect the “clunker” money…in other words folks…as the old timer would say, “Ya ain’t getting that good of a deal.”

According to Mr. Car Salesman, when John Q. Public brings in his “clunker” the car dealerships across the country are required to pour a liquid into the works of the “clunker” to permanently disable it and make it forever undrivable. That means we have crushed “clunkers” stacking up like cord wood in salvage yards across the nation at a rate of 10 – 20 cars per day…so much for the environment…and all for a few more miles per gallon! Think of the energy it takes to shred all of those thousands or millions of clunker. And, where does the plastics, tires and chemicals like engine fuels and refrigerants end up? Often in landfills and as hazardous waste that need to be disposed somewhere.

And remember that liquid a dealership has to run through the vehicle to permanently disable it? That liquid is a lethal sodium silicate solution. According to the Automotive Waste Recycler’s Association that process just creates more waste making heretofore salvageable parts worthless and costing the salvage yard a loss of profit of about $700 to $1200 per vehicle. Many environmental groups and watchdogs are concerned about these factors of the program. Please take the time to read the article Does Cash for Clunkers help the environment? It’s Debatable

And what has this “cash for clunkers” program done for the economy? Well, by July of this year (2009) the government had burned through almost $950 million they had set aside for the program. (I don’t know about you, but in my household we’d benefitted a whole lot better it the government tit had just sent us a check in the mail for what they were doling out…) Just to make sure the program will continue, President BO has signed a $2 billion dollar measure that will infuse, extend and engorge this particular government tit for a little longer…

This was done because of a dirty little secret…right now the government is rejecting about 85% of the “Cash for Clunker” claims that dealerships are filing. One dealer is owed $1 million by the government and a dealer in California has filed 92 claims and has been reimbursed for 3. Folks, that means there are a whole lot of dealerships not receiving money supposedly guaranteed by the Obama Administration (unless of course the administration keeps perpetually “infusing” the program at our expense with our tax dollars)…and that translates into working US citizens who could lose their jobs if the dealerships have to lay off because of lack of funds…

Once again…I’d rather see a onetime check in the mail if President BO is flushing all those Benjamins down the toilet…wonder if he knows what D-E-B-T spells? We could take our checks and pay off our debt or give it back to the government to pay if its debt…novel idea, huh?

©2009 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

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Mulligans & Book Reports, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Mulligans & Book Reports

By Beverly Hicks Burch

They want a Mulligan! A ‘do over’”.

That was my first thought earlier today as I watched the news about the frenzy on Capital Hill as inept lawmakers try to rush through a bill regarding the AIG bonuses.

The Congress is presently trying to rush through a bill that would pick out a group of people and retroactively deal out punitive measures and taxation. Not only is that wrong, but it’s unconstitutional.

Our founding Fathers drafted measures within the Constitution (Article One; Section 9) that would prevent such punitive actions and vengeance by the Federal government against a person or a group of people. The Founding Fathers had been the victim of such actions by the King and the Crown and they wanted to insure it never happened on American soil.

Folks, if Congress can do this to a handful of people…they can do it to you! What would stop them from passing legislation to go back and retroactively tax income you earned 10, 15, 20 years ago because they decided you hadn’t paid enough taxes?

In today’s Washington…there’s nothing to stop them…they are legislating as they go and darn the Constitution. Congress wants to violate the Constitution because they screwed up…and they want to wreck havoc on centuries of contractual law.

But, what should we expect from a President who campaigned vigorously against “earmarks” and said he would do away with earmarks. Now, he says they have a purpose…sure they do Mr. President…yep, that’s change for you folks, NOT!

Don’t misunderstand me, the AIG bonuses where wrong! Way wrong. The bonuses rewarded people who brought down a company and helped create a financial debacle, plus many of the bonuses were retention bonuses…and the people who received them have flown the coop! So much for retention…

But, this Administration knew the bonuses were in the wind when they paid out the bail out money anyway. Treasury Secretary Tim “Oops I Forgot to Pay My Taxes” Geithner was head of the New York Fed when the bail out was drafted.

Don’t forget Obama took time out from campaigning and went back to Washington as a young Illinois Senator to help draft the bail out plan. Short and simple AIG was told they could pay out the bonuses as long as they were in keeping with past bonus plans percentage wise.

This Administration helped create this debacle, and now they want a Mulligan…a do over. Guys, it just doesn’t work in real life…get it right the first time.

And while your at it, we’re tired of your blame game of “we inherited this debt”. You did inherited some debt, but in less than 60 days, the Obama Administration has managed to double or triple that debt and it continues to grow with each new “plan” or “stimulus”…oh, yeah…that’s change…

Meanwhile Obama is AWOL…campaigning for his agendas…instead of staying in Washington and “governing” from the Oval Office. To quote the old timer, “Hot d*mn!” we’ve elected ourselves a professional campaigner! (Not to mention a celebrity who wants to carry his message to the public via Leno! Hello!! Are we being punked or will Obama show up on Jackass next with a stunt that will make his agenda appeal to those masses and stick in our heads?)

We’ve been told…repeatedly…this is what he does best. We’ve been told…repeatedly…what a great communicator he is…just to find out he has to read teleprompters for everything. The man is reading everything he says to us. In others, he’s reading his speeches like a high school student reads his book report before the classroom! I wouldn’t call him a great communicator, but maybe a good reader…or maybe a bobble head doll. That’s why his head goes back and forth sooo many times during a speech!

One of Obama’s key agendas for “change” has been his desire to redistribute wealth…like there’s a whole lot of that going around these days…Obama and his administration have a vengeance for the rich or those with any wealth…at least if it’s not in their pocket. I think I smell some duplicity and double standards in DC these days!

Let’s exam Obama: according to the 2005 United States Senate Financial Disclosure Report for Annual and Termination Reports, the Obamas:

  • Earned over $1,ooo from the University of Chicago Hospital
  • Earned $847, 167 from Random House in a book advance
  • Earned $378, 329 from Dystel & Goodrich in royalties
  • Earned over $1,000 from Bay Valley Foods for Director Fees (what director do you know that earns only $1,000?)
  • Earned over $1,000 from Tree House Foods – again for Director fees

That’s $1.25 million dollars in earned and non-invested income for 2005! But, it doesn’t stop there!

According to the report, the Obamas were quite well invested:

  • They reported 7 investment funds valued between $50,000 and $100,000
  • They also reported 3 investment funds valued between $50,001 and $250,000
  • Obama also reported stock sales and purchases in the $2,000 to $180,000 range

Pocket change I guess for the high and mighty…

Additionally, on June 8, 2005, Obama received a Gibson Les Paul Studios Guitar valued at $1,900, and advancements on book royalties to the tune of $1.9 million dollars and $370,000 that were mentioned in an attachment with the disclosure.

More chump change for the champion of the poor and needy…

The 2006 Disclosure statement proved just as interesting with Obama using the almost exact “attachment” noting his advancements on book royalties…down t0 the exact same amounts.

From the 2007 Disclosure, we learned the Obama family reported earned income of $4,094,690 (yes, that’s millions folks), 12 investment funds – one valued between $500,000 and $1,000,000 and another valued between $1,000,001 and $5,000,000 (yep 5 million dollars).

We also learned that Mrs. Obama resigned from her job as Director of Tree House Foods. (Question: What’s a smart, savvy, educated gal like Michelle working as Director of a food company for only “over $1,000? Seems like a waste of her high priced education or a cover-up of her true income.)

While the rest of the country is loosing hard earned life savings, struggling to pay mortgages, watching the value of their homes drop and even wondering where the food on the table will come from, the Obamas continue to live in the style they are accustom to…and it’s mighty fine.

When you struggle to pay your mortgage this month, take into consideration the Obama family just installed a $3,500 swing set at the White House. But, hey, Daddy Obama can look up from his desk in the Oval Office (when he’s there) and see his little darlings romping on the Rolex of swing sets. Just makes you warm and fuzzy, doesn’t it?

When you worry about your child’s school…about the quality and safety…take into consideration the Obamas have enrolled their children in Sidwell Friends School in the DC area. Elite private schools like this one don’t come cheap. Tuition ranges from $28,422 for lower school and $29,442 for middle school.

That’s as much or more than some Americans earn in a year, and the Obamas are paying that times two for their girls. Why did the President for “the people and change” not choose public school in the DC area for his children? He’s sending his kids to the same school many past politicians have sent their children. How is that change and how does it show his support for public education…one of Obama’s soap boxes?

In the meantime, Daddy Obama’s administration acted to show their support and solidarity for public education by terminating the voucher system and will now force many children who were going to good, safe schools back into public schools rife with problems and danger. These vouchers allowed some children whose parents earned as little as $22,000 a year to send their kids to private schools to get a good education. But, Obama says, NO! My girls can go to private school, but yours can’t… Yep that’s change…do you believe in it?

Me thinks the Obama’s are eating cake with Marie Antoinette…but, then that’s the socialist way.

You see, American Socialists refuse to see that socialism is a failure. Great Britain they say is bankrupt, the Soviet Union failed. I’m old enough to remember the dismal days of the USSR. The average Soviet citizen spent hours in lines…for things as simple as toilet paper that resembled wood chips held together with Elmer’s Glue. In the meantime, Soviet leaders and politicians lived large at the Kremlin and their wives travel the world with an American Express card. No wonder that Wall came down…

In December I saw for the first time the movie Dr. Zhivago. It was dismal to see what happened in Russia after the socialist/communist came to power. People if you have not seen this movie, run…don’t walk to find a copy to watch it. If you wait too long, it might be too late…and you just may be chopping up your furniture to burn for heat and sharing your home with fellow comrades.

Dr Zhivgao in a Nutshell

Oh yeah…that’s change all right…may I call you Comrade?

© 2009 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


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