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Memories Are the Key Not to the Past, but to the Future


The Hicks Sisters ca 1983

“Memories are the key not to the past, but to the future.” ~ Corrie Ten Boom ~

It had been a glorious, beautiful, brisk autumn day. I stood and breathed in a stunning panoramic view as I watched the sun lower into a captivating sunset. Faster than I realized, dusk took over, and then twilight swiftly took hold as I watched evening begin to dance alive in the streets below in Manhattan.

It was a wonderful magic show – partly Divinely created and partly man made. It was etched into my memory for the rest of my life.

I was standing in the observation deck of the World Trade Center.

Little did I know 18 years later the very spot I was standing on would topple to the ground in rubble and dust and become part of Ground Zero. My magical space would be destroyed by Islamic terrorists filled with hate, determined to destroy my country and thousands of innocent people.

I was a young lass on that magical day in 1983, the mother of a toddler, full of hope for a bright future. I look at pictures of my sister and me taken during that visit and I get chill bumps because I see us and I want to shout, “Look long and hard. Burn these memories into your mind because you will lose so much in the future!”

How could I ever imagine the terror that lay ahead for me personally and the terror that laid ahead for my country? How could I have ever imagined something like 9/11 happening in my country?

But, it did. And, it happened in a year that was one of personal turmoil for me. There were things that happened to me I never thought I would experience in my world – vows broken, trusts broken, violence committed. And, then in the midst of all that – September 11, 2001 happened.

I had just returned home the day before from a trip to Florida with a friend who had gone down to see her parents. On the trip I’d had a health crisis and spent time in the ER.

So, I was still feeling frail and in recovery mode on that September morning when I got a call that said, “Turn on your TV!”

As we speculated – was this an accident or an attack – the second plane plowed into the second Trade Tower. That pretty much settled it – we were under attack.

From that point on, I was glued in place in front of the TV just to watch the unfolding events. Since I had lived in New York for about a year, I knew how many people lived and worked in that area of the city and the numbers were massive. Small city-size massive. We could be looking at unbelievably high death tolls. I began to cry and pray.

Then, one of the most horrific things I’d ever seen in my life happened – one of the Towers began to crumble, to accordion down on itself. It was falling like a stick of hot butter in a microwave.

How could this be happening?!

I desperately wanted the other Tower to be saved – but in my heart I knew it more or less faced the same fate. And, it did. It fell, too, leaving a trail of cascading destruction and death.

And, then the aftermath began…mountains size heaps of debris, personal locators of first responders trilling constantly indicating a man down here…and here…and there…and over there…and here… It was a new level of hell.

It took this country a while to recover from 9/11 just like it took me a while to recover from the personal cataclysm going on in my life at the time.

But, recover I did. I did by beginning to move on. I married the man who should have always been my heart mate. I grew stronger inside and stronger mentally regardless of what my disabled body tried to tell me.

Every year when 9/11 comes around I remember. Some years are worse than others. This year was bad. My PTSD kicks in many years. Every year I have a man that stands by me with unyielding compassion and understanding.

I have a very growing concern that Americans are growing away from 9/11. They are forgetting 9/11 – the cause, effect and aftermath and how we were one Family after the attack.

Unlike the generation before who “Remembered Pearl Harbor!”, it’s deemed not very politically correct to “Remember 9/11” any more. Patriotism is almost view as “deplorable”. Some of our leaders like to play political footsies with the very people who financed the terrorism against us and are getting wealthy themselves from these relationships.

This is very unfortunate because history and the past are our teachers. If we forget our past, many times we are destined to repeat the past.

Corrie Ten Boom and her family were Gentile Dutch living in Nazi occupied Holland during WWII. The Ten Boom family saw what the Nazis were doing to the Jews in Holland and they made a decision to make a difference. They began hiding Jews in their home. Eventually the Ten Boom family was discovered and the Nazis rounded them up and sent them to concentration camps. Corrie lost family members in these camps.

After the war, Corrie understood the importance of putting the past into perspective. No, we don’t live in the past, but as Corrie said, “Memories are the key not to the past, but to the future.”

We must take the lessons of 9/11 and learn from them – for the sake of the future and so the death of the thousands lost that September day are not in vain.

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What’s Up with This? by Beverly Hicks Burch

What’s Up with This?

By Beverly Hicks Burch

Let me ask you something. Have you flown the “friendly” skies lately? Well, just in case you haven’t let me fill you in on the “pleasure of flying in the Brave New World…

First, you need to arrive at the airport hours ahead of your scheduled departure. Why? Simple. You have a whole lot of “security” measures you have to go through. You have to make sure you have plenty of ID…driver’s license, passport, anything with a photo, name, address, you know the drill.

Be prepared to pay dearly to check bags…the price range is your first born for the first bag and a child or pet for each bag thereafter. You are allowed to carry a wonderful 50 pounds per bag. For the average person that’s a few pair of underwear, shoes and jeans…you buy the rest where ever you’re going because it’s cheaper than paying the excess weight charge airlines charge at gunpoint check-in.

Then you have to go through the security check where they go through your bags. Nowadays you can no longer carry anything liquid or gel larger than 4 ounces on your person. If you do have something like that on you, it has to be in clear quart size baggies…no gallon size…quart size. If you use the wrong size it goes in the garbage. If you happen to be high maintenance and use several lovely products to maintain your beauty, well you can use as many quart size baggies to squeeze those products into as you like. It’s also a perverse pleasure to pull those out, let me tell you 😉

If you happen to have an autoimmune disorder (called Sjogren’s Syndrome) like I do that is killing your moisture producing glands and you happen to bring a bottle of water from home to stay hydrated, well be prepared to toss that puppy in the garbage, too and be prepared to pay $800 for another bottle once inside the airport. (Yes, Virginia, there are people who taken advantage of bad situations.)

Next, be prepared to go through metal detectors, but before you do you will have to take off your shoes and all your jewelry. Gals, let me tell you here…an underwire bra will set off the detector…but, the “girls” have to have what the “girls” have to have…I hear x-ray searches are coming soon…groovy…

Then, you schlep to the gate where you sit in tiny stadium style seats, listen to insane conversation, hyper kids, irritable travelers and finally you hear your magic number called and you queue up for the pleasure of being crammed into flying tin cans that are usually overbooked and packed like a cattle car. You are “served” by surly attendants who have turned into bullies who just dare passengers to look at them wrong so they can use a federal law to throw them off the plane because they are “dangerous”…

I think they call this a volatile situation and I recommend sedation for the flight…

Oh, and there is also no more having loved ones escort or meet you at the gate for a final goodbye or hello…they might slip you some type of contraband…like a 6 ounce bottle of Lubriderm…

So, you may be asking, “What in the name of God happened to cause the change?”

Well, I can tell you this, it wasn’t because some little old lady that looked like Granny Clampett got on an airplane and hijacked it and caused the plane to plummet into the Kansas Cattle Stockyard. NO!

We suffer through these changes in our way of life because 19 Islamic terrorists (a word the current administration is challenged to use, even now) began planning mayhem on the USA in 2000 and brought it to fruition on September 11, 2001.

Now, let me ask you something else. Do you really remember 9/11? The fear, the terror, the sadness, the emptiness, the darkness, the anger? Or has your memory been dulled by the day to day fight to survive? Do you remember all the faces of 9/11? The Islamic terrorists bent on destroying the Great Satan (us)? The First Responders? The Victims? The heroes like United Airline 93?

There was another incident that lent changes to air travel. The infamous British “shoe bomber” Richard Reid. Reid was the British born son of Jamaican Colvin Reid who was of African descent and British born Leslie Hughes. Reid’s father was a career criminal and Richard himself began a career in crime at a young age. He was advised by his father to convert to Islam because they got better food in prison. Umm, great reason for a conversion…pretty self-serving…no thought of the ol’ afterlife there or doing better for mankind, but then bombing innocent people doesn’t do others too much good either… Next time Richard was sent to prison for his crimes, he converted to Islam and he became known as either Abdul Raheem or Tariq Raja.

Upon his release from prison, Richard joined the Brixton Mosque which was lead by Abu Hamzu al-Masri who was a rabid anti-American cleric. Before long Richard had Al Qaeda ties and was training in terrorist camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan. (Are you beginning to see a pattern here? On a side note, why are American companies outsourcing American jobs to these countries where the people hate us? Especially when we need jobs so badly here in this country?)

Finally in December 2001 Reid boarded a plane in Paris that was bound for Miami, FL. He was wearing shoes that were loaded with plastic explosives. I think the intent was clear…he intended to blow up the plane and every living soul with it.

And, thus my friends that is why we take our shoes off now when we want to go see grandma, go to a family funeral or travel to a cancer treatment out of state or even to a business meeting…

Because of an Islamic terrorist

Now, in my world 2 + 2 = 4. But, in this strange new world there is strange new “math” at work…

For instance…did you know there are children as young as 4 on the TSA “no fly list”? Or 8 year olds? There was one particular poor kid who was given a “pat down” when he was as young as 2 years old! Recently I saw on a couple of news shows a 12 year old who is in the same boat. Of course the TSA denies this…but so did OJ and Scott Peterson…

Now, here’s where I’m having some issues…how the heck in this day in age does someone like Faisal Shahzad, an apparent US hating, Pakistan born Muslim become a US citizen (just last year) get a gun permit, plastic explosives and large amounts of fertilizer (albeit the wrong kind…guess he misses his ride on the Martyr Rocket for bumbling) make a car bomb (fortunately ineptly), place that bomb in Time Square and board a plane to Dubai, make it onto the runway (and contrary to what’s being portrayed, Shahzad was a hair away from being a free bird) and do all this without being on the radar?!

Meanwhile, Granny Clampett and 2 year old kids are patted down at the gate and put on the TSA “no fly” list and Joe the Plumber jumps through hoops of fire to fly to Disney World…just watch, the powers to be will use this to “amend” our Second Amendment Rights…also known as our right to bear arms when all the “powers” have to do is their job to keep the bad guys from doing their job…

Meanwhile, New York Mayor Mike BloomingIdiot Bloomberg, sage that he is, bet 25 cents the bomber probably was some duffus that was upset and went off the reservation because of Obama’s healthcare plan. No profiling there, huh, Mike? While he’s scraping egg off his face, I was wondering, “Where in the world is Rudy”?

All this just keeps me wondering, “What’s up with this…?” 2 + 2 is not adding up to 4 with these people… Makes me think mortgages and the economy aren’t the only things upside down and underwater…and don’t even get me started about the Crotch Bomber…

© 2010 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


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