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Could Caffeine Help Dry Eye?

Could Caffeine Help Dry Eye?. A new article from WebMD suggests there could be some relief for dry eyes in the future from caffeine. This is a promising possibility for those of us that suffer from this chronic condition. As someone who as battled Sjorgren's syndrome for over 20 years now, dry eyes is a… Continue reading Could Caffeine Help Dry Eye?

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Autoimmune Disease Overlap Syndromes |

Autoimmune Disease Overlap Syndromes | This is a great article to read for all of you who are dealing with autoimmune disorders. I have known for years these diseases/disorders "cluster" or overlap. My body is a prime example of that. If I were to enumerate my laundry list of chronic and disabling health issues,… Continue reading Autoimmune Disease Overlap Syndromes |

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Educating Your Doctor (& Others) About Fibromyalgia

How true... Another great article concerning fibromyalgia and dealing with the Neanderthals around us who don't believe in fibromyalgia or know nothing about it. Educating Your Doctor (& Others) About Fibromyalgia.  

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Primary Sjogren’s Syndrome: Blood deficiencies are strong predictors of poor outcome

Primary Sjogren's Syndrome: Blood deficiencies are strong predictors of poor outcome. If you are a Sjogren's pateint then I highly recommend you read this article. As  a SS patient myself, I knew I had an increased risk for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. This article ties in what I've suspected all along...a connection to lung cancer. That would… Continue reading Primary Sjogren’s Syndrome: Blood deficiencies are strong predictors of poor outcome

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New Diagnostic Criteria for Fibromyalgia

New Diagnostic Criteria for Fibromyalgia. Please take the time to read this interesting article if you have FMS! For years doctors have used "tender points" as a tool to diagnose fibromyalgia and those tender points have been considered controversial. Personally I've always thought FMS was so much more than those tender points. For me it's … Continue reading New Diagnostic Criteria for Fibromyalgia

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How Dry I Am…by Beverly Hicks Burch

How Dry I Am… By Beverly Hicks Burch In 1993 I finally got a name for the “thing” that had been making so sick and fatigued for years. Sometimes just having a name for your illness is a blessing…it serves to alleviate your fears that you might be crazy! Thankfully I was referred to a… Continue reading How Dry I Am…by Beverly Hicks Burch