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Did Someone Say Godiva?, by Beverly Hicks Burch

did someone say godiva

Before anyone says anything we do not make a habit of this and do not give him what I’m about to tell you on a regular basis…

…with that said, our dog, Watson thinks chocolate is crack. He can smell it though cellophane bags and goes nuts. If it comes into the house we go through maneuvers worthy of drug smugglers just to get it past his keen Miniature Schnauzer nose.

I discovered that quite by accident and I must say much to my chagrin. You see some time ago Tall & Handsome was the Senior Account Manager for Godiva Chocolate. I will admit there was an occasion or two when he gifted me with rather wonderful collections of chocolate because of this association. In one such gift I discovered my own personal Turkish delight…and that would be their coconut centered, milk chocolate covered truffle.

Now one day at work a very large box was open and inside was one of these yummy little jewels. T & H snagged it for me and brought it home that evening. Needless to say visions of Godiva sugar plums danced in my head looking forward to after dinner when said truffle was to be my after dinner treat.

I had taken this little treat and placed it on my night stand thinking what a safe place that could be and oblivious to the fact I was living with a closet chocolate thief. Oh, how I was living in such unknown naiveté. After cleaning up the kitchen after supper, T & H and I retired for the evening to the bedroom for some TV where I intended to enjoy my luscious Godiva that was causing mouth watering visions since before supper.

I stepped into the bedroom, walked around the side of the bed and looked at the strangely and glaringly vacant night stand. Yes, vanished! Gone, no where in site, no where to be found was my much anticipated Godiva truffle.

But, laying on the bed, snoozing, content, happy and in chocolate overdose happyland was Watson…

Believe me…no dog was hurt in the Godiva incident …just one very perturbed doggie Momma…

Today’s picture is what I call Watson’s “Did someone say Godiva look?”.

© 2012 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved

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The Unkindest Cut, by Beverly Hicks Burch

The Unkindest Cut

By Beverly Hicks Burch

The Burch household recently went through unforeseen trauma of the medical kind. It’s getting pretty bad when even your dog has a medical “emergency” associated with male middle age…

One morning, Tall & Handsome mentioned to me that our little darling, Watson the Wunderkind seem to be taking an inordinate amount of time to tinkle. So much time in fact that he seemed to have been frozen in the “hiked leg position” by the White Witch of Narnia. Yes, we were afraid he would become a new lawn ornament.

Pressing down panic, I told T & H (who is the proverbial “worry wart” when it comes to the health of our ‘baby boy”) that it was probably a UTI (urinary tract infection). I did not tell him that the back of my mind was screaming possible blockage and prostrate problems…no, my dear T & H has fair enough complexion as it is. I had no desire to see him ghost white just in time for Halloween.

We observed that the situation was far more than “frozen hiked leg” syndrome. Instead of a steady stream of tinkle little drops were the ticket of the day…no wonder it was taking so long…and so often.

We knew a trip to the vet was in store and we truly dreaded it. We just weren’t prepared to hear any bad news at this point in time…

As we waited patiently for the visit, Watson waited not so patiently. Every dog he saw, he went nuts so over. Yet when he saw the house spawn of Satan cat he made a friendly approach and greeted it like a long lost friend with a wagging tail. Geez…

Once in the exam room, the vet comes in and he tells us what he thinks the problem could be: UTI, blockage or prostrate problem. (I really do think I missed my calling in life sometimes…). He wanted to take an X-ray to rule out stones, so off goes our little fellow for an X-ray.

They come back with good news and bad news. There are no stones. Fantastic! But, our Precious is full of poop! Literally. His little intestines looked like a big long sausage.

Sooo…Dr. J says, “We’re going to give him an enema and after that we’ll give him a prostrate exam.”

Enema?! You can do that to a dog? Really?!

So off they take my tiny little bundle of love and affection for the procedure. He was gone all of 45 seconds. Wow! I don’t know what kind of enema that was but it had to have been jet propelled.

He returned like a new dog with a spring and lightness in his step…until…all of a sudden he turned around to look at his little back side. He just knew something was wrong. I was sitting in a chair and Tall & Handsome was standing up, oblivious to the unfolding events. The “wrong” in Watson’s life was he had uncontrollable anal leakage caused by the enema…and it was leaking all over T & H’s black and silver tipped Western cowboy boots.

All I could do was sit there, point and mutter, “Uh…oh, no…your boots, your boots…” He got the point…

…especially when the room began to smell like a skunk that had been run over in front of a paper mill…

Then. Dr. J comes in for the next fun part of the visit. All guys…be prepared to flinch here. Watson had is first prostrate exam. He was not happy…

The outcome was his prostrate was swollen. That was causing the urinary problems and had cut off his bowel making that function difficult also. Our puppy was in a world of hurt.

So, he was sent home with an antibiotic, Prednisone, doggie Imodium and special food. He was to come back in 10 days to see if the prostrate had gone down and if not, we had to decide if we were going to proceed with that “operation”.

Well, of course when we went back you know the prostrate was still the size of an egg. It was time for Watson to let go as they say.

His surgery was done in a day. He came back home that evening tired and sleepy. He laid around for a couple of days but began to return to his old self with the exception of one thing. They certainly do these surgeries different nowadays. Let’s just say it looks like he had a reduction surgery from golf ball size down to dried up prune. I give him credit…his ego is still in tack…

That’s my boy!

Who me prostrate problems

© 2011 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

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No, Lee…My Heart Did Not Stop Beating, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Well, Lee came through on Labor Day and caused quite a stir. There’s good news and bad news.

The good news? It appears the horrible sticky hot days of summer are gone! Hallelujah! As a matter of fact I don’t think the temperatures got out of the 50s today which meant we had our first pot of green chile stew. Posole may be next!

Now for the bad news…first no, Lee, I did not die…my heart did not stop beating…you just caused my heart monitor to stop working…

Tropical Storm Lee brought with his bad self F3 tornado strength winds. There seems to have been at least one tornado reported in the area. As we sat at my folks house, the wind was blowing, trees were bending, raining was driving and lights were blinking off and on. Had it been Oct. 31st it would have been really good Halloween special effects. The lights stayed on at momma and daddy’s.

When we left and turned onto our street (about a quarter mile as the crow flies) it was scary, pitch black. Yep, the lights went out in Alabama…at least on our street…

Our power went out about 6 or 6:30 PM on Monday night. At 11:09 PM last night when I called the Alabama Power customer service number I was told our power would be back on quote “today”. Hummm, that gave them 51 minutes.

Well, we woke up nice and early this morning and it was still raining…and there was still no power. I called Alabama Power again and this time the automated recording had been updated. The new messaged told me my power would be on by 10:15PM Sept. 10th. Yes, hand to God that is exactly what they said…I called back twice just to make sure I heard correctly. I had.

I then called Alabama Power and punched through the IVR or the automated menu from hell we get on sometimes…you know how those things work…we punch and punch and soon feel like we’re on hamster wheels in Hades. My persistence paid off and I got a voice. I told Ms Voice I was on a heart monitor and there was an urgent need to have my power restored. Ms Voice informed me Alabama Power no longer does priority restores and she advised me to relocate or go to a shelter. Wow, good thing I wasn’t in an iron lung or anything

This morning we learned on one of the major routes up the mountain there were quite a few trees down and with them power lines. And, just to sweeten the pie, some bozo in a Jeep thought he was infallible (of course a Jeep is like a Humvee or tank) and tried to drive over the downed power lines. End result? Looks like the Jeep is hung on one of those kinky sex swing things and in my humble opinion just what a numb nut like the driver of this Jeep deserves…

And just to prove idiots like this really exist, here are the picture to prove idiots walk among us

WARNING: do not try this…please!!

can you count the rings

Clearing begins…kinda…

wait til you see whats around the corner

Wait till you see what’s around the corner…


yes you ARE seeing what you think you are B

Yes, you ARE seeing what you think you are


looks like a crime to me too B

Looks like a crime scene to me…

this is what stupid looks like up close B 

This is what stupid looks like up close (I used a modesty patch over the tag…but, then again…really?!

lost cause for now B

Yep, a lost cause…

© 2011 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved

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Hot Enough For You? by Beverly Hicks Burch

I was driving the other day and my super smart Jeep told me it was 103 outside. Like I needed a Jeep to tell me that! All I needed was my soaking wet clothes clinging to my body and the conked out dog laying in the front seat beside me to tell we it was way too hot outside!

So a little reminder of what was…and hopefully what is to come…and maybe a little power of suggestion…

now that's cold

© 2011 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


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I Married a Serial What?! by Beverly Hicks Burch

I Married a Serial What?!

By Beverly Hicks Burch

In another life I probably should have been a detective or some sort of forensic specialist. I’m fascinated with crime stories, the CSI franchise (yeah, I know it doesn’t really work like that in real life) and love the Investigation Discovery channel.

One of my favorite authors is Ann Rule who has written about some of the most sensational crimes and some not so sensational crimes of our time.

Ann was a policewoman in the Pacific Northwest when health constraints forced her to give up her beloved career. Ann took her love for fighting crime and turned it into a career of informing the public of the evil that lives among us. One of her causes is violence against women.

Her big “break” so to speak in the field of writing came one day when she was asked to write a book about a handsome young man who was a serial murder that had murdered young women across the USA. The further Ann dug into her research on this person she made a shocking discovery. Ann knew the young man and had actually worked with him at a crisis hotline. She had found him polite, kind and caring. He would walk her to her car every night after work and tell her she needed to be careful because there were dangerous people “out there”.

His name was Ted Bundy! Ann wrote about Ted in her first really acclaimed book A Stranger Beside Me. I’ve actually turned my Aunt LaRue onto Ann’s books and we dread the day when there are no more Ann Rule book to be read.

Tall & Handsome sometimes teases me and says he married a gal that’s interested in axe murderers. I tease him back and say with a sweet smile on my face, “All the more reason to watch you ‘Ps and Qs’, Big Guy.” Of course we’re both yanking each other’s chain and it’s all in fun.

But, it’s like I explained to him, I find the workings of the criminal mind a fascinating subject. I mean, how can otherwise seemingly normal people disguise such evil and deception behind a façade of normalcy and the rest of us be oblivious to it?

One show on Investigation Discovery (ID) I find fascinating is called “Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?”

Let me tell you, if you’ve had a relationship go bad or just had a plain ol’ bad relationship, you need to watch this show! I promise it will make you feel so much better!!

Take last night show for example. This poor hapless young girl meets a 22 year old that’s a sailor in the Navy. She’s 17 at the time. They date and by the time she’s 18 or 19 they marry.

Life starts out as a struggle for the young couple until the husband starts a career as a police officer and from there life seems to go now where but up. They have three kids; hubby is promoted to Sergeant and is name Police Office of the Year by his community. Wifey is proud, overjoyed and totally supportive of hubby…even though he has begun to exhibit some odd behavior. He’s become verbally abusive and he disappears at all hours of the night…sometimes to “walk the dog” because he can’t sleep and needs to relieve stress. Is that what they call it nowadays…?

One afternoon the wife and kids come home from the movies to find half the police force including the assistant police chief at her house. Being a cop’s wife, she immediately assumes the worse…something awful has happened to her beloved husband. Little did she know the boom was about to be dropped on her and the kids. Sgt. Good Cop had been arrested as a serial rapist!

Holy cow!

I didn’t see that one coming and have to admit I let out a large gasp with that reveal. I looked at T & H and said, “Don’t you find these stories absolutely enthralling?”

He said, “Well, yes, they are interesting.” (Keep in mind my T & H can be the master of controlled understatement.)

I said, “Honey, just imagine what she felt being told her well respected “law abiding” police officer of the year husband is a brutal serial rapist. I just can’t wrap my mind around that.”

He said, “I know it would be awful.”

“Awful?!” I said. “Let me put it to you this way it would be like law enforcement coming to me and saying, ‘Mrs. Burch, we hate to tell you this, but we’ve apprehended you husband on the charge of being a serial animal killer.’”

He looked at me, blinked his big blue eyes a couple of times and then gave me a good chuckle…he understood…

Yes, folks, that’s about the worst thing I could think of that someone could tell me about my T & H, especially since he’s such a marshmallow about animals.

That is why I find these shows so fascinating…and they help put life in perspective…

Reggie 7-19-10a


© Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

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Conehead, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Palm with pod

Palm with Pod B

I don’t know why, but these picture remind me of Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtain and the Coneheads on SNL…well, that and a really, big alien ear of corn.

© 2011 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

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Chocolate, Godiva and Crack for Dogs, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Chocolate, Godiva and Crack for Dogs,

By Beverly Hicks Burch

I have a confession. I am not a chocoholic. I’m not a big sweet eater. If I do eat something sweet, I prefer something fruity, or a cup of yogurt. I am more of a crunchy, salty, savory type of gal. Give me hot popcorn or a bag of Wavy Lays and a carton a low-fat French onion dip and it’s stress-busting, movie watching, dream come true…no spoon and ice cream carton for me…nor sir!


I will confess to an occasional dip into chocolate. Yes, even me. I am not totally impervious to the dark allure of the cacao bean. Although in my case a little chocolate goes a long way…

…and over the course of the last year or so I have made a startling discovery. Chocolate is like crack for my dog! Sad, but true, especially since chocolate is considered poison for canines.

My enlightenment started with a shocking experience when I caught the little bandit red handed or I should saw, red-pawed or red gummed, last fall.

It started like this…I had discovered a product called “brownie bites”. I know, I know…but, at the time I was working from home, T & H was out of town and I thought, “Ok, quick and easy.” A couple of these tiny little gems (about an inch or so across) were just enough to satisfy any sweet tooth longing I might have and not be a calorie buster.

The first time I brought them home, Watson, AKA the Wonderkin who admits to being a typical Miniature Schnauzer in many ways, but is also like a little boy zipped up in a dog suit, went berserk. I swear the dog could smell the chocolate through the unopened plastic container. Knowing what I know now, I swear, he could be the first Miniature Schnauzer trained and used to sniff out contraband down at the local fat farm. But, at the time, I had no idea what that omen meant for me or that chocolate was the trigger until a few days later.

One evening after work I decided to try these little jewels. I was also going to have a cup of coffee. So, smart girl that I am, I took two brownie bites out of the plastic container, placed them artfully and neatly on a saucer. I turned on my Kuerig coffee brewer to warm up and then took my brownie bites to the bedroom where I intended to watch a good chick flick while enjoying my brownie bites and coffee while snuggle up under a quilt on my king-sized Select Comfort bed. Innocently, I sat the saucer down on the nightstand…way far from the edge and returned to the kitchen to brew my cup of coffee.

I then returned to the bedroom and the minute my foot crossed the bedroom door thread hold I knew something was wrong. Standing in the middle of the king sized bed with a HUGE guilty sign flashing madly over his head stood my 15 pounds of adorable, addicted Schnauzer. And when he saw me, something immediately dropped out of his mouth.

When I saw the dark brown blob my first reaction was a screaming brain shouting, “Oh my gosh Willy Wonka is back!” But, I calmed myself and with the heightened senses of a good CSI I began to take in the scene. As I glanced around the room, one of the first pieces of glaring evidence I noticed was a totally empty saucer setting on the nightstand…that’s right, no brownie bites. Then, when I approached the brown blob lying on the bed I saw what strongly resembled an almost eaten brownie bite…it was just kinda flattened, kinda damp (is that called biological?) and with the perfect imprint of doggie teeth smack dab in the middle. No need to make a plaster cast to see whose teeth the imprint would match… That and a very guilty looking Schnauzer equaled one thing…one little dog in deep caca…

But, being the good mom that I am, my mind quickly kicked into worry mode when I began to calculate the possibility of what was going to happen to my little angel who had just ingested doggie poison. Long story short, he was perfectly fine, slept like a baby and miraculously had no side or after effects.

But, from that day forward even the whiff of chocolate has been like crack for this dog. I swear on a good day in a down draft he can smell chocolate all the way from Hershey, PA…and we’re in the South.

Now, here’s where another little confessions comes into play. My Tall & Handsome kinda has an inside to Godiva. This year for Valentine’s Day he totally surprised me with their new bakery truffles which are like OMGosh fantastic. It was a pleasure I managed to share…and stretch out until just the other day. But, every time I took the box out of the fridge Watson went crazy and would attach to me like dust bunnies to Velcro. Needless to say, he just had to dream…no way would I knowingly be enabling his little habit…

Well, he got his well planned little revenge this evening.

Today when T & H came in from work, he brought me one special Godiva truffle…milk chocolate with a coconut center. I was delighted because this is one of my favorites and is kind of rare. I could hardly wait until after dinner…that truffle was my reason for getting through dinner. I could already taste it…

But, oh, how life like to play little tricks on us…and how short our memory is. Once again, I placed my precious little gem on the nightstand and went into the kitchen to prepare dinner. The truffle would be my special treat while I watched Castle…or maybe not…

After dinner as settled in for a little TV I reached over to pick up my special little chocolate morsel…taste buds anticipating heaven. Instead, there was an oddly vacant space on the nightstand. I didn’t even have to wonder. I knew the Godiva loving, chocolate loving, crack addict bandit had struck again…and he wasn’t even feeling guilty…or even a little queasy…he was snoozing peacefully at the foot of the bed happy as a lark.

Does anyone know a good rehab for a chocolate addicted, Godiva loving Schnauzer?

See mug shots below…

Who me guilty

Who Me? Do I look guilty?

Chocolate hangover

Chocolate Hangover

Poison who said poison

Poison? Did someone say poison?!

© 2011 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

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No Kidding, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Don't you wish you could buy one of these at every yard sale

Don’t know if you can read the sign, but it says “Yard Sale”. My question…Don’t you wish every yard sale had an ocean for sale? Really?!


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Family Jewels vs. Childbirth, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Family Jewels vs. Childbirth

By Beverly Hicks Burch

This evening I read an article about a 22 year old man who went skinny dipping in New Zealand. He had left his shorts on the beach and when he got out he slipped them back on…without checking the shorts out I might add.

Now New Zealand is the home of the endangered katipo spider. The small pea sized spider is in the same family as the Black Widow Spider. Can you see where this is heading…?

Well, needless to say, the young lad was bitten by the poisonous spider on his manhood…

I was so stunned by this I had to share it with Tall & Handsome, so I began reading the article to him. After I finished I looked over at him. He was sitting there with his face all screwed up in agonizing sympathy pain…he was living the man’s pain and agony. The part about the swelling really got to him…

I couldn’t believe it. I have seen enough America’s Funniest Videos and seen enough crotch hits to know this…you can bring down a 295 pound linebacker with one strike of a Wiffle Bat.

I looked at T & H and asked, “What is it about you guys and your family jewels? Just the thought of some other guy getting hurt in his junk and yall winch and protect yourself. Heaven forbid if you accidentally get tapped down there…the world can expect a good old fashioned groan and double-over. How would you like to pop another human being out of your body that weighed anywhere from 5 to 15 pounds or say the size of a watermelon or Christmas ham?”

He looked at me a minute and pondered the thought and said, “I guess yall are just stronger than us.”

Score one for Team Estrogen…

© 2010 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

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Wild Birds Fast Food and Fly Through, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Wild Birds Fast Food and Fly Through

By Beverly Hicks Burch

Shortly after we met I introduced Tall and Handsome to bird watching and bird feeding. Since he’s indisputably dotty about animals, it didn’t take him long to get “hooked on bird feeding”. And when he gets hooked on something, he does like to jump in with both feet…

So like the good Dr. Frankenstein I am I took him to a very special place one day…and there has been no looking back. Periodically we return and during those times I’m not certain if I’m creating Dr. Frankenstein’s bolt-necked creature, or his lab assistant Igor…or maybe a combination of both because when I gazed out into the back yard Sunday afternoon I realized I had created the proverbial, albeit loveable monster.

And, the monster had not one, but two creations of his own…and they look like this….

Wild Birds Fast Food

Wild Bird Fast Food

Wild Birds Really Fast Food

Wild Birds Really Fast Food – see the room for MORE feeders?!

Stop by for a Drink 2

Wet Your Whistle Stop

Yes, little feathered friends in the neighborhood now have their own Wild Birds Fast Food and Fly Through…and Water Your Whistle Stop. The addition this year to the “chain” was the Wild Birds Really Fast Food Stop. (Just in case you haven’t figured it out, the “special place” I introduced T & H to was a wonderful little store called Wild Birds Unlimited. It is like “Birds R Us” for birders. Check the phone book or the internet for a location near you.)

Sunday, after the obligatory refill of the feeding stations…and more trimming of tree limbs to make sure those darn tree rats (also known as squirrels) stay the heck off the feeders, we sat back and watched the little feathered visitors help themselves t0 “lunch”. And yes, since confession is good for the soul, and in case you haven’t noticed, I HATE SQURRIELS! They are disgusting, stingy, food snatching tree rats…and those darn tails are just too darn perky…like Katie Couric.

When we first started birding together, T & H did not share my derision of the overly perky, unwelcomed little critters. He even shuddered slightly when I called them “tree rats”. He tried everything to appease them…baffles and then even much to my disgust feeding them! Oh yeah, just what I wanted…more tree rats in the yard lined up with little tin cups banging on everything demanding more!

I’m surprised T & H didn’t go out and line them up and have what I call one of his Freudian talks with them.

“Now, little guys, this isn’t the way we build a yard team…a  friendly environment team. This part of the yard and feeders is for you guys and the other part and feeder are for our little feathered team members. If we all stay on task and support each other the yard will work great, everyone will have enough and it will be reminiscent of the Garden. Group hug and ooah-yah!”

Oh yeeeah…the squirrel feeders worked about as well as a spaghetti leash on a hungry pit bull after he saw a stray chicken…only thing that happened with that little venture was we ended up with a yard full of empty peanut shells…and empty bird feeders…


Well, simply stated, I think I have won a convert when it comes to the tree rats…no, Honey, I think a blow torch might be a little overkill…even for tree rats…but, I appreciate the thought…

After a long stretch of patience and sitting like statues on the deck, I was able to snap a few of our little diners…but, I just missed the red-headed flicker.

We knew we had hummers already because the food was disappearing, but we were delighted to see one making herself at home!

Enjoy and welcome to an additional bonus of springtime in the South…

Lady Cardinal Leads the Way

Lady Cardinal Leads the Way

House Finch

House or Purple Finch stops by…

Maybe I Will and Maybe I Won't

Hummm…Maybe I Will or Maybe I Won’t…

My tumming is getting full

My tummy is getting sooooo full…

Can You See the Interloper

Can you see the Interloper? He’s eating the suet cake and is a Brown-headed Cowbird…in the Blackbird family.

I really Want to

This male cardinal scoped out the feeder for the longest time before he finally visited. He was in a distant corner of the back yard when I caught him hiding.

Oh yeah I Made it Oh yeah! I finally made it!

Welcome baby girl Welcome Baby Girl! Looks like a baby female Cardinal…

One last little fellow This little fellow seemed to prefer the ground

The Shot I Waited For All Afternoon

It’s not easy catching Hummingbirds still! I waited all afternoon just to see if we had any visiting the feeder…and Viola! There she is!

© 2009 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


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