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Men Can No Longer Live as Strangers, by Beverly Hicks Burch

On this shrunken globe, men can no longer live as strangers.” ~ Adlai E. Stevens ~

Backyard view 1-28-2014

So, what does the “Great Snowing Dusting of 2014”, today’s quote of the day, the pictures of the day, my 81 year old Daddy and a love affair with my Sweet Home Alabama and my little local community have to do with each other?

Well, allow me to explain…

I’ve made no secret how much this East Tennessee born gal loves her Sweet Home Alabama and the spot where she lives in particular. In part, because the natural beauty reminds me of my ancestral roots. But, mostly you just can’t find better people anywhere – no, really.

For the past few days we had been warned of an impending winter storm headed our way. Yes, Virginia, not only does it get down right cold in the Deep South, but we do see single digit weather and even see the big “S” word. That unique white, frozen, multi-sided wonder called snow.

And, when we do, we are thrown into chaos. Not because we are bumpkin, Dilberts who think the sky is falling, but because it’s a fairly infrequent occurrence and therefore we’re not equipped to handled major events like our Northern cousins.

Now, the forecast was a strangely odd one. The most severe and heavy snow was going to be south of the Birmingham area to the coast – yes, the warm coast, the Gulf of Mexico where they were expecting two inches or more of snow. The Birmingham area was to expect a dusting of snow. Temps were going to be frigid everywhere – and this was our third or fourth blast of frigid, Arctic air.

Having been through this before, I had a sneaking suspicion the dusting could turn into something else if Mother Nature decided to turn just the slightest fickled – and she did.

Here’s what she graced us with at our house (that foggy look is actually snow still falling):

Front Porch C 1-28-2014

Front Steps 1-28-2014

Jeeps in the Back Driveway 1-28-2014

Sundeck 1-28-2014

Return of the Cold Schnauzer 1-28-2014

And, this was at the very beginning of the “Great Snow Dusting of 2014”. It “dusted snow” – heavily – from about 10:30 AM until 3:30 PM. Sooooo, it got pretty “dusty” around here – and icy. We were socked in with two Miniature Schnauzers, our electronics devices and no where to go. In other words, life was pretty good, until…

My little 80 year old Momma calls and after “momma” chit chat drops into the conversation my 81 year old Daddy went down the mountain at 10:30 yesterday morning to go to Walmart to pick up some groceries. This is a man with a pacemaker and meds he keeps on an Excel spreadsheet. (That’s the mechanical Project Manager in him.)

I wanted to say, “Oh, no, he didn’t.” But, as the first born daughter always trying to be the good daughter, I said, “He did WHAT?!”

She confirmed what I thought I heard, and then went back into to chit chat mode – while my brain starts doing wheelies – NO KIDDING.

Daddy was stranded at Walmart. He was planning on spending the night in his Durango and alternating time between there and inside Walmart. He was concerned the soda he had bought would freeze and explode in the back of his SUV so he was going to go out and warm it up periodically. Seriously, Daddy?! I’m sure there are endangered baby condors who aren’t worried about as much as Daddy was worrying about those groceries.

I am also the family tech support agent and certified techno geek. And, it just so happened a week or so ago I had joined a group on Facebook geared toward what’s happening in our community of Springville.

So, I hopped onto the Springville community page and before I knew it, a whole community was mobilizing to move my Daddy either home if possible or to a warming station. Mayor Isley and his wife, Lynda got involved and before I knew it Daddy was tucked warm and safe into the Methodist Church in Springville. He was provided with warm food and a cot and a hot breakfast this morning.

Like Adlai Stevens said – our globe has shrunken – even more so in this day of instant news, Skype, tablets, smartphones, texts, emails and social networking. We can let that consume our lives and let it isolate it from our families or, we can use it as a valuable tool and use it to do what Mr. Stevens said – to no longer live like strangers. I prefer to do the latter.

I also like the advice another Man gave us in the Good Book. He said, “Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no greater commandment than these.” Mark 12:31 NIV

Neighbors, here’s a really big thank you and a really big God Bless my neighbors.

Front Porch B snow 1-28-2014

© 2014 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.


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The Great Deep Freeze, by Beverly Hicks Burch

The Great Deep Freeze

By Beverly Hicks Burch

How many of you are old enough to remember the 1970s or for that fact the very first Earth Day? Unfortunately I can say I remember that dreadful decade. I mean give me a break…the clothes…the colors…the hairstyles…Studio 54 and disco!! Disco alone is the one thing that should have lead to mankind’s extinction and annihilation.

My “coming of age” era is not one of the golden oldies to look back on, not like the Roaring `20s, the 1940s – also known as the Greatest Generation, the Rock n’ Rock era of the 1950s or, heck, even the Gold Rush and Old West Days of yesterday. I mean really, who’s going to look back and say, “Man, I really, really miss those 1970s!!”? Uh, don’t think so…

One thing I distinctly remember was the approaching mass hysteria…especially in our beloved media concerning the impending, encroaching, foreboding new Ice Age! (Read that last sentence with your voice gradually rising to high pitch hysteria at the end, please.) The ever “cause” loving Time Magazine joined the bandwagon with an article on June 24, 1974 entitled “Science: Another Ice Age?”

I highly urge and recommend you click through and read this revealing article. Why? Well, according to this article meteorologist of the world had been interviewed and all agreed that the temperature across the globe had plummeted for three (3) straight decades on an average on 2.7°F. Yes, my friends, they were talking global cooling!

One researcher found that the snow and ice in the Northern Hemisphere had increased by 12% in 1971 alone and in regions of the Canadian Arctic, areas that used to snow free during the summer now had snow year round.

The article goes on further to say that the world’s temps had only been has high as they were at the time (in 1974) 5% of the time and that over time the Earth had gone through at least seven glacial periods that covered most of the planet. But, according to a climatologist at the University of Toronto named Kenneth Hare there was an impending disaster facing earth inhabitants worse than the forecasted Ice Age. The foreseen shadow was a threatened shortfall in worldwide crops and food supplies for mankind. According to Hare…quote, “I don’t believe that the world’s present population is sustainable if there are more than three years like 1972 in a row.”

Errr, well, dang guess he missed that one. A few more years than three have passed since 1972…or 1974 for that fact…

So, what’s the point? Well, maybe “know it alls” don’t really know it all! And maybe sometimes the “facts” they use are wrong, skewed and maybe even misguided. For instance, the current “global warming” dogma is largely based on info and junk science that doesn’t really have all the real facts and data to back it.

Recently it came to light that a Penn State researcher named Mike Mann had hidden and suppressed facts and used “tricks” over the years to make the “facts” fit his data or maybe we should say his desired results. Kinda like cheating on an exam, isn’t it? Mann who is the director of the Penn State Earth Science Center went as far as suggesting to others that emails be deleted that might otherwise contradict him. What a Prince!

If you would like some real facts on global warming I would highly recommend a UK website on the subject.

Now I don’t know about yall, but this global warming is freezing my tatas off! I can’t remember when I’ve been this cold…well, maybe not since the 1970s… Here in Alabama (Roll Tide by the way) we had snow before Christmas and the temps since Christmas have been frigid. No, I don’t mean by Alabama standards…I mean by even Minnesota standards…you know wind chills near 0! One evening this week one little town where T & H and I use to live had an overnight low of 8°. Yes, in Alabama! The high here tomorrow is going to be about 29.

Today we had more frozen precip to move through. They were predicting about 1 – 3 inches, but we managed to dodge that bullet…this time at least. I got off the phone with my sweet “adopted” son, Dustin in Knoxville and it was snowing like crazy there. He said the roads were like parking lots and there was about 2 inches of snow on the ground. Yep, folks…♪we’re having a heat wave…a tropical heat wave♪…

By the way, remember that reference to Earth Day? Well, did you know one of the primary concerns of the first Earth Day was global cooling? Oh yeah, buried in news archives are protest pictures of tree huggers carrying signs warning us all of global cooling and how we were all going the way of the dinosaur because of it. Just keep that in mind this upcoming Earth Day when you see apocalyptic global warming signs waved in your face by this generation’s tree huggers and you make Al Gore a little fatter and wealthier by buying his “carbon credit”.

I snapped a couple of pictures this morning and thought you might like to see what global warming looks like in Alabama…

CenterPoint 1-7-10

Snow falling in central Alabama…

CP deck3 1-7-10

Tall & Handsome’s beloved grill freezes it burners off 🙂

CP deck2 1-7-10

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

CP deck 1-7-10

I’ll pass on the seat…

© 2010 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

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Yes, Virginia…it Snows in Alabama…Even in December, by Beverly Hicks Burch

Yes, Virginia…it Snows in Alabama…Even in December

By Beverly Hicks Burch

Overnight we had a weather event here in Alabama…in other words it SNOWED!! Yes folks it does snow in Alabama, sometimes even in December. Most of our snow tends to hit after the first of the year and we’ve had big snows (4-8 inches) as late as March or April. And, snow can make people do the “funniest” things…

One year back in the 1980s a late spring snow came through while I had an apple tree in bloom. The weight of the heavy snow uprooted the tree…and caused a rather humorous incident later that summer… In an effort to save the said apple tree, Gomez got the Eureka idea to tie the tree up with the garden hose.

Unfortunately whenever the sun came out and warmed up the hose it would stretch out and the tree would start to lean again…and he would have to go out and retie the hose. So, that hose stayed tied to the tree for a long time. How could you forget that, right…a big ol’ garden hose stretched across your back yard…?

Well, Gomez did! He was out in the back yard one afternoon (I should say the far end of the back yard) and the phone rang. Hoping to catch the phone, Gomez took off running toward the house, and you guessed it. He ran smack into the garden hose “guy wire” and clothes-lined himself, knocked his feet out from under him and landed smack on his back and bum.

Down here snow makes people irrational at times. We develop the undeniable urge to run to the grocery store and buy lots and lots of bread and milk and stand in hours long checkout lines for the privilege. I’ve never quite understood why we do that. I try to avoid that compulsion…if I get wind of the “S” word a few days in advance, I head to the store before everyone else and do my “bread and milk” buying… I tried to explain this phenomenon to Tall & Handsome yesterday when he needed to run to the store for us just because we were out of stuff. I advised him to get to the store early and he saw why as he was leaving…there was a major rush of bread and milk buyers!

Momma called me at 7:30 AM and said, “Look outside! It’s a winter wonderland!” Of course up on her little mountain I’m sure the snow was a little deeper than down here in suburbia. I felt bad when I told her we had a head start on awareness. T & H had to let Watson out at 2 AM and when they came back to the bedroom he told me the deck was covered in snow and Watson had left little paw prints in the freshly fallen snow. Need to know info at 2 AM!

As I was talking to Mom I grabbed my camera and began taking pictures. I thought I’d show you what snow in December in Alabama looks like…and I’ve given you a 360° view…from all sides of the house.

Hope you enjoy the closest thing to a White Christmas these parts will see!

Snow 12-5-2009 A

Looking out the Front door from the front porch…

Snow 12-5-09 B

I left the “frozen” North with no snow and come home to this?

Snow 12-5-09 D

Are they Crazy?!

Snow 12-5-09 F

Looking out back…

Snow 12-5-09 G

The deck…a long, cold walk for Watson…

Snow 12-5-09 L

Warm fire sounds good to me…

Snow 12-5-09 H

Winter Beauty

Snow 12-5-09 M

Hopeful Holdout…

Snow 12-5-09 P

Snow Sculptures

Snow 12-5-09 Q

I’m ready for hot chocolate…

© 2009 Beverly Hicks Burch All Rights Reserved.

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